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Midsummer Outfit Collection 2022

Rosie Cotton

Inspired by our four dear Hobbits during the Great Wedding, whose garments are predominantly white, I’ve put together two variations of an outfit designed for lovely Rosie Cotton. In the hypothetical scenario that she would’ve assisted to said event, I’d like to image she’d wear something like these:

Version 1 (easily obtainable)

HeadStraw Sun Hat with RibbonChestFarmer’s Fancy Dress
ShouldersShoulderguards of the Northern SkyMain handYule Sparkler
BackTreasure Hunter’s SatchelOff-handFirefly Lantern

Version 2 (with promotional items)

HeadFabric Sun Hat with RibbonChestFarmer’s Fancy Dress
ShouldersShoulders of the EorlingasMain handYule Sparkler
BackTreasure Hunter’s SatchelOff-handDagger of Fallen Stars

Gold-clad Troubadour II

Last year I made an outfit called “Gold-clad troubadour” for my Minstrel to sport during the Festival, so this year I’ve added a second version with the same theme (you can find the old one in the link at the end of this page). I’ve also added alternatives for back slot since I prefer to travel with my cloak on & have my satchel to collect coins from patrons!

Oh, and this outfit has a preferred goat mount (Grey Mountains Expedition Goat) but the Steed of Ered Mithrin matches the looks too.

HeadExtravagant Festival CapLeggingsElven Traveller’s Leggings
ShouldersAutumn Leafmail ShouldersFootwearShoes of the Lady’s Grace
BackCloak of the Dove/Treasure Hunter’s SatchelMain handMalendol’s Sword
ChestElven Quilted Waistcoat of MightShieldElite Vanguard’s Shield of the Ithil Minstrel
GlovesFated Combat Gauntlets of the DeepInstrumentBrusque Bassoon

Dwarf Ambassador to the Wedding

Now that the Zhélruka and other dwarf refugees have reclaimed the Mountain-home (Gundabad), it made sense for me to have one of their own as an emissary or ambassador to the Great Wedding. So, in the spirit of representing the newly established Dwarven Kingdom and to initiate formal relations with the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor – I present thee, Master Ungrimo Jarnfist

HeadZhélruka Noble HelmChestJacket of a Merry Fellow
ShouldersCeremonial Mantle of Kept PromisesGlovesCloth Gloves
BackCeremonial Cloak of the Gundabad DelverFootwearBoots of a Merry Fellow

A Celebration of Summer

I don’t really have a background story for this attire… it’s nothing more than a seasonal outfit I’ve designed for my Lore-Master, around items with a summer motif, a kite & a steed to go with it (the Steed of the Summer Sea).

HeadTurquoise Summer CircletGlovesAlliance of the Third Age Gages
ShouldersMantle of Entwining BlossomsMain handStaff of the Master
BackBridal VeilOff-handPotent Sword of the Deep
ChestDress of the Twilight CaretakerKiteMidsummer’s Comet Kite

Closing words

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