To my LOTRO Library

After many years playing several hours a day in the same MMO, everyone picks up a thing or two. In my case, I’ve never written down what my brain has stored… but the time has come.

It’s likely you’ll find the site useful if we’re kindred spirits. I don’t share the fairly new passion for streamers (tho there are many good ones out there!), I rather read & research. I can’t find entertainment in merely watching others play, I prefer to spend my free time living my virtual adventures.

My main goal is humble: I just want to share with you, newcomer or veteran, the bread and butter of my LOTRO life – the resources, the tips, the links to visit when you’re looking for info -. And I hope you’ll grow to see this repository as a time-saving, concise & concrete tool.

I’m the kind of person who strongly believes in teaching others “how to fish“.

Find me here

… if you’re looking for real time LOTRO updates/info or more screenshots

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