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I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I started this blog… its anniversary date flew over my head, it was during a hectic time in my life and I completely forgot! But if you’re one of those kind visitors who have come along during these months, you know I haven’t stopped posting & updating posts. And I shall continue to do so!

It’s likely you’ll find the site useful if we’re kindred spirits. I don’t share the fairly new passion for livestreams (tho there are many good ones out there!), since I rather read & write… I’m a quiet gal. Also, I really can’t find entertainment in merely watching others play, I prefer to spend my free time living my virtual adventures and developing my own digital projects (I mean, between us, have you checked the Screenshots section? *whistles loudly*).

My humble main goal remains: I just want to share with you, newcomer or veteran, the bread and butter of my LOTRO life – the resources, the tips, the links to visit when you’re looking for info -. And I hope you’ll grow to see this repository as a time-saving, concise & concrete tool. However, I hope you do come to enjoy the flavour of life sprinkles I try to add… whether it’s outfits, or housing, or fanart projects, I want my passion to be contagious!

Thank you, all of you, LOTR(O) fans! My virtual door is always open and you’re invited to raid my pantry

P.S.: the blog’s background has been changed in accordance with the Real Housewives of Belfalas decree – 2022 Color of the Year is RIVENDELL GREEN.

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Disclaimer: I am in no way associated or affiliated with LotRO/SSG in any official or unofficial capacity. All posts are my own, non-commercial, a pure absolute hobby.

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