Midsummer Event

NPCs Checklist – Inside Minas Tirith

🗹 Entrance: Faeleth, Lady of Revelry (Wrapper Quest NPC)

Citadel’s Plaza

🗹 Merilien, Midsummer Wedding-planner [see Fireflies below]

🗹 Othnoron, Cook (22.3N, 55.8W)

🗹 Florist (22.1N, 56W)

  • If you’ve done the Epic, there’s also a quest inside Merethrond, the Feast-Hall (triggers a deedsee below “A long banquet”)

Masters Tier

🗹 Ioreth, inside Houses of Healing – High Hall.

Sages Tier

🗹 Colladan, inside Houses of Lore, upper floor.

Players Tier

🗹 Duillam. inside Blue Theater, by the entrance.

Craftmen’s Tier

🗹 Ciriel, Pastry Chef (66.8S, 18.4W)

🗹 Postmaster and Melthend (bestows Crafting Quests) inside House of Craft.

Soldiers Tier

🗹 Borlach of Rimmon, by the Soldiers’ Tier Stable-Master.

🗹 Lebadan, gardener (23.8N, 55W)

🗹 Worried Woman (24.1N, 55.1W)

🗹 Ulthir, Flower peddler (inside the Splintered Shield Tavern, upper floor).

Workers Tier

🗹 Loborís, Stable-hand (inside City Stables).

NPCs Checklist – Outside Minas Tirith

From these you'll get crafting components to make the items required as turn-ins for the quests you receive inside MT House of Craft.
  • Thorin’s Hall (rewards Drinking Horn Kits)
    • 🗹 The Inn: Skóri, Beleaguered Barber.
    • 🗹 Crafting area (back end, by the forges): Slágin – sends you to Silverdeep Mine.
  • Party Tree (rewards Strawberry Bun Kits)
    • 🗹 A Sneaky Hobbit bestows “Deceptive invitations”
    • 🗹 Vinca Pott bestows “Troublesome tweens”
  • Bree Town (rewards Banner of the newly-wed Kits)
    • 🗹 Barliman Butterbur, the Prancing Pony Tavern Keep
    • 🗹 Rona Turner, Master Potter (she’s next to the Oven near the West Bree entrance)
  • Duillond (rewards Wedding Centrepiece Kits)
    • 🗹 Celairel, at the dance area
  • Celondim
    • 🗹 Gairil, at the Docks

Firefly Spawn Points & Lantern locations

Warning: you can only take and complete ONE kind of firefly per day. Upon completion a deed will trigger to complete each kind twice. prioritize this quest if it’s night time (Gloaming to Dusk).

  • Amethyst fireflies: Grimwater – Ered Luin
    • Lanterns: 2 inside House of Remedies and 2 in the Alcove (outside and to the right of the former, coords: 22N, 56.3W)
  • Sapphire fireflies: Lake near Duillond (24.5S, 94.7W)
    • Lanterns: 4 at Court of Voronwë (two at 21.4N, 55.4W and two at 21.7N, 55.3W)
  • Ruby fireflies: Rushock Bog – The Shire.
    • Lanterns: 4 at Hall of Air.
  • Emerald fireflies: Midgewater Marshes – Bree-land
    • Lanterns: 4 at the Merry Swan

A Long Banquet – “A Feast of Fellowship” Deed

With as little spoiler as possible
  • Frodo – sends you to Houses of Lore.
  • Samwise – no need to leave Merethrond (Feast-Hall) – clues in the quest log.
  • Meriadoc – sends you to Southern Great Guesthouse, High Stables and the Prow.
  • Peregrin – sends you to the lower kitchen & then to the Old Guesthouse in the First Tier
  • Gimli – inside Merethrond (Feast-Hall).
  • Legolas – also inside Merethrond (Feast-Hall).
  • Faramir – sends you right outside, to the Plaza.
  • Mithrandir – sends you to his room in the High Guesthouse.
  • King Aragorn – again, no need to leave Merethrond (Feast-Hall).

Other sources you can visit for more complete guides and information:

• Official LOTRO Midsummer Guide: https://www.lotro.com/guides/lotro-midsummer-festival-guide-en

• FJ’s Midsummer Guides:

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