LOTRO Webcomic Fanart

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For those of you unfamiliar with how this project started, the LotRO webcomic is based on screenshots I take while following the Epic Story in-game. The dialogues are mostly copied from the actual quests you’ll find in game, I just paraphrase or shorten some lines due to space limitations. The lines from my character(s) are created by me tho, lol… but as you can see this is far from original or alternative fanart. I’m merely borrowing (and editing) images as I journey, for the upteenth time throughout Epic Story line in The Lord of the Rings Online.

So far I’ve kept focus on a Minstrel class character, but I’d like to display other classes, so stay tuned, I’m probably going to change it soon!

Vol I. Book 3 (in progress)

Vol I. Book 2 (Complete)

Click on the headline for the Google Photos album

Vol. 1 Book 1 (Complete)

Click on the title above to follow the link!

4 thoughts on “LOTRO Webcomic Fanart

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  1. I love these! They’re such a great idea. I’ve played through these storylines so many times and really enjoy them. I even read all the text in the quests. Seeing them put together so beautifully like this is wonderful. Please continue with this 🙂

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