Minas Morgul Basics

Every deed map you’ll need, you can find in the “Minas Morgul Expansion Deeds” forum thread. Nevertheless, I’d like to separate a couple of issues that I’m usually asked about or information that I consider of “recurrent use” due to weeklies.

1. New Crafting Guild Quests

Minas Morgul brought a new crafting tier (T13) and a new Guild reputation tier (Honoured Master). You can reach this new rep max using your usual guild rep consumables from all the previous tiers (Expert to Westemnet) OR, if you own the Minas Morgul Expansion, you gain access to four reputation quests/recipes.

How to get those?

  • If you are lvl 120-130: you can find the Guild NPC Leader at Estolad Lân.
  • If you’re lower level (and/or unable to go there): you can get the quests from your starter guild area (Thorin’s, MD, Esteldín, Rivendell).
    • The new quests and recipes are under the Improved Recipes NPC (t13).

2. How to unlock dailies / weeklies

You must have achieved the deed titled “Quests in Mordor Besieged & Minas Morgul” that involves completing every Quest Deed in each one of the 5 regions (Cirith Ungol, Minas Morgul, Rath Dúath, Thuringwath and all of Mordor Besieged).

  • Dailies: located at Echad Uial (Ereblen & Tordoron NPCs).
  • Weeklies: auto-bestowed.
    • Continued Threats (x/8) – You can run “The Nine” or you can retake the Contested Points inside Minas Morgul twice a week (see map below).
    • Instances (x/4) – there are 8 available including the raid.
    • Dailies (x/10) – inside the instances.

Note: to be able to run the instances you’ll need to discover the entrances, except for Harrowing – which autobestows at lvl 121 – and The Fallen Kings – which requires you to complete the deed “The Nine”.

“The Nine” Deed spawn locations
“Claiming the Dead City” Deed locations – can retake when they are red.

3. How to unlock “Vales of Sorcery – Trials”

You’ll need reputation with a faction called “Reclamation of Minas Ithil“. Fill the first 2 tiers of rep by consuming “Relics of Minas Ithil” which you’ll obtain by running the Minas Morgul instances daily (on any size and tier). Check this Wiki link for the crunched rep numbers.

Once you’ve reached the rep tier called “The Reclamation Continues IV” a weekly quest becomes available that allows you to turn 100 Sigils of Minas Ithil in exchange for 500 Embers of Enchantment.

  • Location: Echad Uial (Quartermaster NPC)

4. Task items

  • Great Alliance rep
    • Cracked Lances
  • White Company tasks
    • Disgusting Filth
    • Night-touched Furs
    • Toughened Skins
    • Tufted Ears
  • Task Board location: Estolad Lân

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