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Festival Tips Collection

Note: given that a common issue during festivals is people “camping” on top of quest bestower NPCs, use the “Select Next NPC” key and then the U key. That’ll prompt the quest panel and you’ll be able to continue with your questing. Useful functions Spring Official Guide to the FestivalUse "Nearest NPC" key to find... Continue Reading →

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Useful Tips Collection

Updated: July 23rd, 2021 General Tips Starter LIs (lvls 45-50): the quest-arc starts at Rathwald in Echad Dúnnan. Lootboxes: they drop a lot, keys are store-only. It's not really worth it at low levels.Radar/Minimap: right-click to edit the icons it displays (filter) or "track nearby quests" (chooses nearest 5 for your Quest Tracker list).Type /help... Continue Reading →

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Midsummer Outfit Collection 2022

Rosie Cotton Inspired by our four dear Hobbits during the Great Wedding, whose garments are predominantly white, I've put together two variations of an outfit designed for lovely Rosie Cotton. In the hypothetical scenario that she would've assisted to said event, I'd like to image she'd wear something like these: Version 1 (easily obtainable) HeadStraw... Continue Reading →

Season 2 – Legendary Reward Track

What's new this season? Well, Legendary-wise: nothing. The reset only means you'll be able to earn the same kind of rewards you got in the past season (Ancient scripts, Enhancement runes, Tracery RNG boxes, a few Tracery tokens). If you wanna see these rewards, the IXP progression** or any other basic info, I've left a... Continue Reading →

15th Anniversary Outfit Collection

The Anniversary of Crystal... or better yet, the Starlight Anniversary! VIP players who log during Anniversary are receiving a beautiful starry cloak ("Starlight Cloak" to be precise) in hoodless and hooded versions - so I'd like to share some outfits I've built around it. In Tolkien lore, stars are closely linked to Elves and one... Continue Reading →

The Golden Sprig Bakery

As a decorator, I constantly struggle with lots of decisions when I'm about to start working on a new house. Do I want it to look like a home? Do I want to prioritize funcionality(ies) over creativeness or artistic sense? Will it display multiple purposes in one ample space or will I limit each room... Continue Reading →

The Master Blaster

First off, I haven't had time to create a lot of pre-Anniversary outfits so I apologize in advance but I do hope to make it up to you all while the festival is ongoing. Btw, if you're looking to get a sneak-peek at the upcoming rewards here's a thread you might find interesting! Onto the... Continue Reading →

“Spring in your step” Deed

I've been asked several times in these past few days about the title my Lore-Master wears during Spring Festival (the one you see in the Featured Image header). So I decided to share a short, quick post about it! The deed completes by obtaining & mounting these 4 steeds: Simbelmynë, Springtime, Blue Roan and Springfest.... Continue Reading →

Spring Outfits Collection 2022

Ostara A West Germanic Goddess of Spring, whose existence has been in constant debate since there wasn't a lot of evidence of worship dating to pre-Christian times. I personally chose to follow scholar Jacob Grimm's theory regarding this deity and that's why there's an outfit inspired by her. This outfit represents the circle of life,... Continue Reading →

Printable LOTRO Calendar

I made this fanart with screenshots taken from the Lord of the Rings game - it's a printable calendar you can get to follow the Fellowship across familiar landscapes on their quest to destroy the One. I hope you'll like it! I'm printing mine this week - download below! lotro-fanart-2022-calendar-4Download

Elven Date Night

It was March 2020, the global pandemic had started to disrupt international travel and my flight to the US got cancelled. More than 6 months had passed since my previous visit, I had to break the news to my boyfriend. We were desolated, I'll admit it... no matter how understandable the precautions were, it was... Continue Reading →

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