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Updated: July 23rd, 2021 General Tips Starter LIs (lvls 45-50): the quest-arc starts at Rathwald in Echad Dúnnan. Do not spend any resources on them beyond the autobestowed ones, it's not worth it. Keep your scrolls & crystals, mind their max. lvl and if they don't display any, save them until you get your lvl... Continue Reading →

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Video #9: Archive of Traceries

Hey dol, merry dol! Spoiler alert! Now that SSG has decided to change the Legendary Items in LOTRO, they've introduced the concept of "Traceries" - an equivalent to Legacies - and this may have impacted Lord Elrond's house in a major way: with the addition of a new room. We don't know how he feels... Continue Reading →

Animated Wallpapers

Very recently I've started diving into video editing and whatnot, mainly with the idea in my head that I wanted to create my own animated LOTRO wallpapers. As with most things, I'm a noob, and don't expect 4k quality (recommended resolution is the standard 1920x1080) but I do hope you come to love some of... Continue Reading →

Farmer’s Faire Outfits

Shire Farmhand Melilla is bringing her produce to the Farmers Market, hoping to make some coin & fall in the Mayor's good graces. She's carrying samples of her organic crops but her pride and joy are this year's Gourds! HeadStraw Sun hat with ribbon Main hand Fall GourdShouldersAscot Scarf Off-hand Basket Chest Farmer's Fancy Dress... Continue Reading →

Quest-Gated Reputation Tokens

(I've been meaning to do this for months now...) The reputation consumable items you can obtain via mob drops or bartering in the Skirmish camp (Curiosities vendor) are currently double gated: you need to reach a minimum level and also complete a specific quest before you are able to use these items. The table below... Continue Reading →

Midsummer Outfits

A Gold-clad Troubadour From fair Lothlórien, Laergwend travelled to Minas Tirith with the Lord and Lady of Caras Galadhon. She left her Steed of the Alliance in the City Stables and has been playing her Brusque Bassoon near the prow. She's also been dabbling with the new Summer Celebration instruments the humans have crafted this... Continue Reading →

U30 – Blood of Azog

Release has been confirmed for June 8 (Tuesday). Read the official release notes here. [Key Notes] Updated June 12 , 2021 This update will lead us into the contested land of Dimrill Dale, between the Eastern Gate of Moria and Lothlórien, where the Dwarves fought against the Orcs for control of Khazad-dum. NEW! The Mission... Continue Reading →

Once upon a Midsummer Day

This pet project of mine, inspired by The Lord of the Rings Online "Great Wedding" update, revolves around the theme of Midsummer Day, also known as Midyear's Day. I've revisited my dusty Tolkien archives (*cough cough*) and tracked down a handful of notorious events that have also occurred on Midyear's Day, besides the aformentioned wedding.... Continue Reading →

Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggings

General information These are the first of ten story-driven Missions featuring our dear Bilbo. Where to start: find Celeblír in Rivendell at 29.6S, 3.7W.Level requirement: anyone lvl 20+ can access them. Subscription requirement: free for VIP or purchase via LOTRO Store (in-game).Can I get this content for FREE NOW? Yes -  Redeem the code SAVEBILBO... Continue Reading →

[Legendary Servers] Rewards!

Fellow Player "WhiteWolf21x" started compiling the list of rewards you can obtain by playing on the Legendary Servers (Anor, Shadowfax and Treebeard) and that will apply to your whole account, across-servers. I'm keeping it updated here and I've added the cross-server titles rewards from Shadowfax and Treebeard. Landscape Difficulty Titles [These are class specific, and... Continue Reading →

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