Season 2 – Legendary Reward Track

What’s new this season?

Well, Legendary-wise: nothing. The reset only means you’ll be able to earn the same kind of rewards you got in the past season (Ancient scripts, Enhancement runes, Tracery RNG boxes, a few Tracery tokens). If you wanna see these rewards, the IXP progression** or any other basic info, I’ve left a link at the bottom of this page with all the details from the past season (tooltips & amounts).

**Note: the IXP table for Season 1 applies to Season 2 - thank you, everyone helping out!

Now, fluff-wise: there’s 4 new items coming:

A Housing Item

(Tier 25)

The mythical /dance_hobbit3 emote

(Tier 50)

A Cosmetic Item

(Tier 75)

A Cosmetic Pet

(Tier 100)



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Reward Track Season 2

Looking for the basics or last Season’s info?

Look no further

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