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Festival Tips Collection

Note: given that a common issue during festivals is people “camping” on top of quest bestower NPCs, use the “Select Next NPC” key and then the U key. That’ll prompt the quest panel and you’ll be able to continue with your questing.

Useful functions


  • Official Guide to the Festival
  • Use “Nearest NPC” key to find the chickens in the maze. You may need to keymap this via the Options panel (ctrl+O) first but I think F10 is the default. Remember they only appear during the first quarter of each hour.
  • You can juggle 3 quests at the same time! Pick up Tweens, Wandering Elves & Dire Beers quests, enter the Hedge Maze & don’t leave till you’re done with all 3 goals! If you prefer less, you can complete 2 at a time: I prefer to group Tweens & Elves for run 1 and Beers & Posts for run 2.
    • Don’t waste your time trying to drink from a dire beer that someone else is already interacting with. Same with the Tweens. It’s first come, first serve.
  • Shrew Garden: it’s polite to dismiss your pets/cosmetics pets during the stomping.
  • The Green Challenge: if you have trouble with the drunkness effect LOTRO puts on you, just disable “Post processing effects
  • Beorning Tip: Like for flying envelopes, you can remain in Wanderlust stance while picking flowers for Avery’s quest.
  • Festivity tokens: you can solo run the Bee’s skirm at level 10 once in each available size to maximize your gain. Remember the currency caps at 40 tho!


  • Official Guide to the Festival
  • Beorning Tip – if you prefer to be in Bear Form but those pesky envelopes require you to shapeshift, fear not! Just go for the flying ones & you’ll snag them without giving up on your Wanderlust!
  • Don’t do all your gift giving quests on the same day! Space them out so you have less trouble reaching the 7 dailies.
  • Horse races now count towards the 7 dailies!
  • You can repeat the Fireworks at night quest every 30 mins.
  • Festivity tokens: you can solo run the Flurry skirm at level 10 once in each available size to maximize your gain. Remember the currency caps at 40 tho!

Buried Treasure Event

  • Download a plugin called “Rich!”: it’ll help you keep track of timers, consumables and rewards while making it easier to use those consumables during the hunt for the Huge Cache.
  • Use alts instead of waiting for the 15min cooldown on the main quest. Their tokens will be useful to barter for non-bound items and send to your main.
  • Repeat the main quest till you gather enough picks & cave claws to make the digging worth it.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for folks summoning Cave-claws for the /hug deed OR if you’re one of those who buys them, make sure to give a shoutout in chat channels so people have a chance to hug your beastie. I prefer to do this near the barterer NPCs to maximize the benefit.

Midsummer Event

  • Official Guide
  • Travel tip: Stable-masters from South Bree, Michel Delving and your Housing neighbourhood will swift you to Midsummer MT. But for higher level toons, it’s useful to have the return skills/guides/musters to MT Before and After Battle. That’s another quick way to get back to the Entrance level.
  • Hunter: use Desperate Flight and you get ported right outside of the gates. I love it for a quick wrapper quest turn-in.
  • Beorning: like with the Anniversary envelopes, the Wayward Verses in Houses of Lore can be caught while you’re in Wanderlust stance. Beat the crowds!
  • Unhelpful dogs – in 2 steps – there are 3 fast moving dogs, when you click on the right one, his overhead ring-icon will disappear. Then click on the slower moving dog near the NPC Lebadar. And you’re done 😉
  • To the last drop: here’s a trick for a quick completion – the image shows the default display of all the “wrong” cups – they’re static, so the “right wine” will be in the one cup whose location differs from all the spots you see below.

Treasure Bugan

  • Official Guide
  • NPC quest bestower, Theodore Gorse, can be found (on landscape) in Bree, Rivendell & Twenty-first hall. Also inside the scalable instances, by the entrance.
  • You have to launch the instances at the same level of your character.
  • The spawn points for the Bugan are fixed but it’s not guaranteed that it’ll show up every time (75% chance). Each scaling instance has one spawn point. Some locations in the wiki or in LOTRO Companion app.
  • Tip for melee combat: if you have trouble hitting the hyperactive Bugan, put it on /follow (I always recommend having this function keybound or on a quickslot shortcut).
  • If you’re running with a group, make sure everyone is close enough to the spawn point before killing the Bugan or they won’t get the quest – no quest = no coins.
  • You have 1 minute to defeat the Bugan or it’ll flee.
  • If you found the bugan & got the quest to pop in X instance, wait 5 minutes before trying again – there’s a hidden reset timer. If you don’t wait, it can happen that the bugan will appear but you won’t get coins and the daily quest won’t advance.
  • Also, the chance of getting a coin off the Bugan kill (with or without the quest) is 1%. Credits to my kinnie, Eorlthain, for the reset timer & kill drop chance tip!

Farmer’s Faire

  • Official festival guide
  • Easiest way to complete your daily quota for the wrapper is to hit the Bywater Market. Tho the “Defeat the Heat” quest at Party Tree can be an easy win if there’s not a lot of people competing for it.
  • Grab the quests for the Drunken Hobbits, the Fat Mayor & Daisy‘s orders together, you can complete them in parallel (leave the quest that requires you to wake up the lazy workers for last).
  • Turn off names to reduce the clutter & pay attention in your chat tab to spot the mistakes that give away who’s had too much to drink and what the Mayor wants.
  • If you have access to Yondershire you already know you can trade mathoms for tokens at their Quartermaster. During this fest, don’t forget to fish with Melia Potts’ mathom quest in Bywater pond. You’ll obtain some easy unbound mathoms!
  • Festivity tokens: you can solo run the Picnic skirm at level 10 once in each available size to maximize your gain. Remember the currency caps at 40 tho!


  • Approach a sleeping Snow Beast, select it & click THREE times (fast) on the /cheer emote icon from your quest tracker. That way you don’t wake up all 3 available snowbeasts and your fellow festival-goers will appreciate it.
  • Theater: remember the audience needs to use both flowers and rotten fruit consumables for their deeds, so consider messing up your emotes on purpose if your fellow actors are going for the perfect perfomance.
  • You can buy 6 theater titles from the NPC Jeffrey Bloomer & get some easy Lotro Points (once per character).
  • Festivity tokens: you can solo run the Frostbluff skirm at level 10 once in each available size to maximize your gain. Remember the currency caps at 40 tho!

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