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Falathrim Navigator

I've been doing some reading and stumbled upon some debate about whether or not Elven ships required a crew to sail, and while I won't dwell on the arguments of that matter, the issue sparked an outfit idea! In my head-canon, Elven ships aren't necessarily autonomous. While I can accept the idea that the ships... Continue Reading →

Meneldir’s Recruit

Laurelberry of the Stoors was born ready for an adventure! Hailing from Glyn Helyg, she had recently arrived to the village of Mossward when a tall dark (and handsome) stranger made her acquaintance. A Ranger, they said, of the DĂșnedain of the North. Meneldir was his namesake and soon he took the young hobbit-lass under... Continue Reading →

Harvestmath Outfits Collection 2022

Morgoth Bauglir “Therefore Morgoth came, climbing slowly from his subterranean throne, and the rumour of his feet was like thunder underground. And he issued forth clad in black armour; and he stood before the King like a tower, iron-crowned, and his vast shield, sable unblazoned, cast a shadow over him [Fingolfin] like a stormcloud." J.R.R.... Continue Reading →

Guest Feature: Guts [Berserk]

I'm so happy to present this special edition showcasing the first outfit in this blog that hasn't been designed by me! All credit goes to the amazing Guts, friend & kinnie, who spent a lot of time making the best "Guts" RP I've ever seen. Yes, that is indeed his character's name in LOTRO. For... Continue Reading →

Farmers’ Faire Collection 2022

Mama Hen This Hobbiton born & raised lady has been in charge of her family's chicken coops for as long as she can remember. She's such an expert in the care of egg-laying hens that even old Sandson asks her for advice every now and then. Her prized eggs are behind the success of every... Continue Reading →

The Judge

Why this outfit? There's not a lot of information regarding judicial systems in Middle Earth... it's one of those aspects Tolkien didn't develop much. However, I've been invited to join the Jury for the ongoing Housing Week Contest! If you want to learn more about it or housing in general, you only need follow the... Continue Reading →

Midsummer Outfit Collection 2022

Rosie Cotton Inspired by our four dear Hobbits during the Great Wedding, whose garments are predominantly white, I've put together two variations of an outfit designed for lovely Rosie Cotton. In the hypothetical scenario that she would've assisted to said event, I'd like to image she'd wear something like these: Version 1 (easily obtainable) HeadStraw... Continue Reading →

15th Anniversary Outfit Collection

The Anniversary of Crystal... or better yet, the Starlight Anniversary! VIP players who log during Anniversary are receiving a beautiful starry cloak ("Starlight Cloak" to be precise) in hoodless and hooded versions - so I'd like to share some outfits I've built around it. In Tolkien lore, stars are closely linked to Elves and one... Continue Reading →

The Master Blaster

First off, I haven't had time to create a lot of pre-Anniversary outfits so I apologize in advance but I do hope to make it up to you all while the festival is ongoing. Btw, if you're looking to get a sneak-peek at the upcoming rewards here's a thread you might find interesting! Onto the... Continue Reading →

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