Celebrate Harvestmath with us!

If you play in Gladden regularly, or if you like server-hopping, or even if you just wanna come visit & have yet another toon “All Tricked Out“, I’ve an invitation to extend to you!

Falathlorn Homesteads – Fírdor

Trick or Treat in our neighbourhood!


  • Easy access to all the Treats – get your costume & munch away! You’ll be done in no time!
  • Most houses will be open to visitors – experience our “haunting” themes for 2021
  • No backtracking needed. Just make sure to leave the furthest house for last, 7 Fairwood Lane, because I’ve placed a Stable-Master to speed your way back to Festival!
  • 1: Honey Bears at 1 Twinfall Path – themed as Elven Date Night location.
  • 2: Apple Goblins at 9 Haven Way – closed
  • 3: Jam Tarts at 3 Twinfall Path – Vampire Den
  • 4: Mint Turtles at 2 Waterbank Road – closed
  • 5: Ent-bark at 4 Twinfall Path – Haunted house
  • 6: Marshmallows at 1 Fairwood Lane – Dark Arts Scholar house
  • 7: Liquorice Twists at 2 Fairwood Lane – Aracnophobia
  • 8: Mad Baggins Gold at 7 Fairwood Lane – closed.


  • Also in Falathlorn, you can visit Cerin Pith, Sant Remmen, Cordophant.
  • If you prefer Bree-land homesteads, visit Fasham (home of the House of the Rings kinship), Wethwall (Nath’s houses), Hamlin, Midstable or Uxbridge.
  • If you prefer the Shire homesteads, visit one of Elainos‘ spookiest creations: Cornacre’s Creepy Halloween cul-de-sac (all of Myrtle Court), Toadley, Strawgully, Flaxenfoot or Troutbottom.

If you want your neighbourhood added, please comment below! Even if you aren’t from Gladden and you just want to get the word out!

P.S.: if you want a few outfit ideas, check out this post!

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