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Celebrate Harvestmath with us!

If you play in Gladden regularly, or if you like server-hopping, or even if you just wanna come visit & have yet another toon “All Tricked Out“, I’ve an invitation to extend to you!

Falathlorn Homesteads – Fírdor

Trick or Treat in our neighbourhood!


  • Easy access to all the Treats – get your costume & munch away! You’ll be done in no time!
  • Most houses will be open to visitors – experience our “haunting” themes for 2021
  • No backtracking needed. Just make sure to leave the furthest house for last, 7 Fairwood Lane, because I’ve placed a Stable-Master to speed your way back to Festival!
  • 1: Honey Bears at 1 Twinfall Path – (open) themed as Elven Date Night location.
  • 2: Jam Tarts at 2 Twinfall Path – closed
  • 3: Apple Goblins at 3 Twinfall Path – (open) Vampire Den
  • 4: Mint Turtles at 2 Waterbank Road – closed
  • 5: Ent-bark at 4 Twinfall Path – (open) Pirate Tavern
  • 6: Marshmallows at 1 Fairwood Lane – (open) Dark Arts Scholar house
  • 7: Liquorice Twists at 2 Fairwood Lane – (open) Spider den
  • 8: Mad Baggins Gold at 7 Fairwood Lane – closed.


  • Also in Falathlorn, you can visit Cerin Pith, Sant Remmen, Cordophant.
  • Bree-land Homesteads: visit Axtow, Fasham (home of the House of the Rings kinship), Wethwall (Nath’s houses), Hamlin, Midstable or Uxbridge.
  • Shire Homesteads: visit one of Elainos‘ spookiest creations: Cornacre’s Creepy Halloween cul-de-sac (all of Myrtle Court), Toadley, Strawgully, Flaxenfoot or Troutbottom.
  • Kingstead Homesteads: Binham, Brixhew.

If you want your neighbourhood added, please comment below! Even if you aren’t from Gladden and you just want to get the word out!

P.S.: if you want a few outfit ideas, here's the 2021 collection & here's 2022!


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