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Harvestmath Outfits 2021

Undead Pirate Lass

We all hear stories about treasure-seekers, following maps to dig where the X marks the spot, trying to find what some long dead Pirate buried ages ago… but for a treasure to be hidden, someone has to do the hiding. In essence, someone gets robbed!

This Harvestmath an Undead Hobbit Pirate will rise and walk among you! She wasn’t a famous pirate and her name was lost in time, but come Harvestmath, she rises from her unmarked grave to haunt greedy Hobbits with grubby hands! Beware, young’uns, if you covet what does not belong to you, this Pirate lass may dig a hole with your names! Mwahahaha…

HeadMariner’s Hat & Eyepatch Main hand Long-handled Shovel
ShouldersAscot Scarf Off-hand Firefly Lantern
Chest Long-sleeved Corsair’s Tunic & Trousers Back Keen Bugan Treasure Sack

Count Orlok (Nosferatu)

This outfit was shaped around the Gollum Mask and its uncanny resemblance to the iconic vampire known as Nosferatu, though his actual name was Count Orlok. For those of you not familiar with it, “Nosferatu: a Symphony of Horrors” was a 1922 black & white, silent German film. If you’re willing to do a quick Google search, it will allow you to judge how close I came to replicate his appearance in-game.

HeadGollum Festival MaskGlovesCuffs of the Greenleaves
ShouldersPotent Combat Pauldrons of ÉomerFootwearRugged Shoes of the Expedition’s Vanguard
Chest Robe of Anórien Mercy Back Cloak of the Nine

Spectre of the White Rider

You may remember the Spectre of the Black Rider that haunted poor Odo Bolger’s pig sties in Budgeford (no spoilers, I promise) – well, turns out solving that mystery wasn’t the end of the story.

A young granddaughter of Odo’s, who bore witness to her Pop-pops anguish during that period, decided to don a similar costume & wreak some havoc as a form of payback in his behalf. Sadly, her mischief met a more tragic end. The Bolger lass tripped on her robes, hit her head and passed away… so this year her Ghost will roam the Eerie Acres, attracted by the sadness and desperation that Wistmead emanates. Can you free her?

HeadHood of the Northern Sky Main hand Phial of Galadriel
ShouldersShoulders of the Wall-Warden Off-hand Bane of Warm Butter
Chest Death-shroud Back Cloak of the Many Worlds
GlovesGloves of the Night WatcherFootwearIsengard Prisoner Boots

Note: I chose black dye for the hands & feet in an attempt to go for an “invisibility” effect. This way the Ghost seems to have no hands or feet (tho in hobbits, cancelling the shoes & going for the naked tootsies also look cute). Also the off-hand is optional, I kept a dagger since I lacked chains.

Slasher-movie villain

Metalsmith by day, bloodthirsty killer by night – a la Jekyll & Hyde. The idea was to get the Jeepers Creepers, Jason, Michael Myers vibes going. After all, the song does go: life’s no fun without a good scare – and this season, Morwinne is ready to relentlessly chase anyone who dares to enter the Wistmead Maze!

Hold on tight to your corn husks, fright may shrink your pumpkins. Scream! This is Halloween!

Head Firework Launcher’s Face Guard Main hand Urro’s One-arm sword
ShouldersEngraved Pauldrons of the WyrmShield**Targe / Aegis of Fingar
Chest Dwarf-Smith’s Jacket Back Cloak of the Boar
GlovesQuick Gages of the WyrmFootwearHardened Sabatons of the Wyrm

**Note: Shield turned optional for me, since it’s not a skin-looking one – but Fingar’s are good if you prefer a Monster-slayer background instead of a Slasher villain.

[Update Oct. 3rd] A kind fellow LOTRO player from Gwaihir has translated these outfits to German! Check the link here or in the comments below! Thank you for taking the time *hug*


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