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Harvestmath Outfits Collection 2022

Morgoth Bauglir

“Therefore Morgoth came, climbing slowly from his subterranean throne, and the rumour of his feet was like thunder underground. And he issued forth clad in black armour; and he stood before the King like a tower, iron-crowned, and his vast shield, sable unblazoned, cast a shadow over him [Fingolfin] like a stormcloud.”

J.R.R. Tolkien – The Silmarillion

Full disclosure, I don’t have a male character who can weild shields, I had to use my Champion so there’s no shield in most screenshots. Given Tolkien’s description in the quote above, I’ve built this outfit below but if you’re a Captain or Guardian definitively add a shield*. The second detail is that the weapon I chose is a mace – a purely aesthetical choice based on Morgoth’s hammer effects – but I’d feel comfortable opting for this hammer instead.

HeadPewter Crown of the Dwarf KingsGlovesThe Berserker’s Gauntlets
ShouldersBolstered Pauldrons of the Expedition’s VanguardFootwearThe Berserker’s Sabatons
ChestHeavy Hauberk of the DoomfoldMain handThrâng’s Mace
BackWoven Silk Cloak of the Doomfold*ShieldThrâng’s Spare Shield

Narqelion Night

Ai lindórea Lasselanta
Nierme mintya náre qanta.

J.R.R. Tolkien, Narqelion

What is Halloween without sharing spooky stories by the campfire? That’s the question from which this outfit blossomed in my head. And how can we forget that the oral tradition of story-telling was more often than not accompanied by music? One of my bards is a High-elf and as any other of the Firstborn Children shares in the melancholy and sorrow of the Ages of Arda. I hope this festival her voice brings some measure of entertainment and self-reflection to the Shire’s halflings.

HeadHat of the Stone-studentChestVestments of the Autumn Sage
ShouldersShoulders of the Lady’s PowerMain handSword of Endurance
BackCloak of the Autumn SageInstrumentLute of the Ages or Basic Pibgorn


Since the outfit in itself is simple enough, I’ve put together a matching War-steed ensemble.

HeadAlliance of the 3rd AgeTailReclaimed Mountain
CaparisonRemembranceSaddleYule Gala* (or any black ones)
LegsWhite CityGearLamp of the Harbinger

Galadhrim Warden of Fall

In fair Lothlórien, during autumn the mallorn leaves fall not “but turn to gold“. Not everyone can take time off to celebrate Harvestmath half a world away. One of these always vigilant dwellers of Middle Earth is Seregeth, a Warden of the Golden Wood, who couldn’t (and wouldn’t) shrug off her duties guarding the borders of the Elven Realm. But this doesn’t mean she can’t don seasonal armour: protective trendy.

HeadLady’s PowerFootwearLasgalen Spring Dress Boots
ShouldersSpear-shaker’s shouldersMain handInfiltrator
ChestTunic of the leaf-turnerOff-handWarden’s Javelin of the 3rd Age (85)
BackWarden’s PackShieldSaelthann
GlovesFar-arrow‘s Gauntlets

Blueberry Witch

Mel is a hobbit maiden who developed a bit of an obsession with the Grey Wizard and his awesome fireworks. Ever since the Baggings’ birthday she’s been devoted to make her own sparkles! Her first stop? Old Took’s library, of course!

After what seemed to her like an eternity of reading (her tummy started grumbling after the second hour), she opened a moldy arcane tome… scribbled in a tongue she could not understand… so, she didn’t find the answers to the Magical Universe she was hoping for. But determined to walk away with something to show for, she decided to copy the appearance of a nameless warlock whose semi-faded drawing she dug out from those ancient pages.

HeadQuilted HatGlovesCalenard War Gauntlets
ShouldersPauldrons of the Dead CityFootwearFierce Boots of the Wary/Fangorn Shoes
ChestChestplate of the Dead CityMain handAnniversary Blue Sparkler
BackCloak of Minas MorgulShieldFrothskold


I can’t stop here this year without a vampire outfit. Last year, I made an attempt at a Nosferatu (Count Orlok) ensemble. So this year, I’ve chosen Carmilla… not the blonde version from Castlevania, but one mixing Le Fanu’s description and what I consider Gothic-style within LOTRO.

You’ll notice that I’ve added a Black Cat cosmetic pet, since Carmilla was said to be able to turn into a big black cat, and due to my character’s class being LM, my choice of combat pet is the Blood-raven.

HeadUrdhol-helmGlovesTraveller’s Road-worn Bracers
ShouldersGwir-palvaisFootwearShoes of Iordúr
ChestRobe of the IordúrMain handThrang’s Staff
BackCosmetic Raven WingsOff-handThrang’s Short Sword


Head & Caparison have the Crimson dye applied, and IMO they dye real well.

Headof the HarbingerTailReclaimed Mountain
Caparisonof the HarbingerSaddleof the Eldar
LegsTattered Feathers of the HarbingerGearLamp of the Harbinger
Crimson dye pack
If you're looking for other ideas, here's the blogpost for the 2021 Collection
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3 thoughts on “Harvestmath Outfits Collection 2022

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  1. Carmilla is totally to die for 😀 love your creativity.
    i have to mention the cosmetics design team of LOTRO outdid themselves with the Before The Shadow cosmetics. Out of This World!
    Can’t wait to see what you do with them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First of all, thank you so much for your kind comment! It makes my day when I learn something I made brought some joy to another player.
      Regarding the new cosmetics, I’m waiting until I’ve enough money to buy the Ultimate pack. I don’t get them for free as other content creators. But from what I’ve seen, the new pieces are an absolute delight! Can’t wait to get my hands on them too!


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