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15th Anniversary Outfit Collection

The Anniversary of Crystal… or better yet, the Starlight Anniversary! VIP players who log during Anniversary are receiving a beautiful starry cloak (“Starlight Cloak” to be precise) in hoodless and hooded versions – so I’d like to share some outfits I’ve built around it.

In Tolkien lore, stars are closely linked to Elves and one of their dearest Valar, Varda. The Silmarillion tells us Varda crafted stars from Telperion’s dew and hanged them in the sky so the Firstborn wouldn’t be in total darkness whenever their awakening happened. But let’s get straight to it, shall we?

O Elbereth, Gilthoniel

HeadMask of the Golden Forest DefenderGlovesGloves of the Osgiliath Thunder-caller
ShouldersEmbossed Mantle of Bard’s WillFootwearFierce Boots of the Wary
BackStarlight CloakMain handPhial of Galadriel
ChestWoven Waistcoat of the AbyssInstrumentSummer Celebration Flute

Twilight of Tinwetári

HeadHat of the Lady’s ForesightGlovesGloves of the Lady’s Foresight
ShouldersMedium Nadhin ShouldersFootwearBoots of the Learned
BackStarlight CloakMain handReshaped Icy Rune-stone of the First Age
ChestJacket of the Osgiliath Thunder-caller

Tintallë (Star-kindler)

HeadSpearman’s Singed Leather HelmetGlovesGloves of Isengard Dispeller
ShouldersFine Camail of the WyrmFootwearGwern-lhopan
BackStarlight CloakMain handReforged Warden Spear of the 2nd Age
ChestButtressed Chestplate of the AbyssRangedReforged Warden Javelin of the 2nd Age

Ilmarë’s Battle Attire

HeadHelm of the Lady’s FavourGlovesLight Gauntlets of the Grey Mountain Stalwart
ShouldersShoulders of the Lady’s ForesightFootwearAttacker’s Boots of the Rising Moon
BackStarlight CloakMain handVanguard Runner’s Sword of Minas Ithil
ChestWard of the West BreastplateRangedCrafted Warden Javelin of the 3rd Age
LeggingsElven Iron Leggings

Valacirca – challenging Melkor

HeadHelm of the Lady’s DecisivenessChestBreastplate of the Lady’s Decisiveness
ShouldersMor-palvaisFootwearLight Boots of the Gundabad Delver
BackStarlight CloakMain handCeremonial Battle-gauntlets of the Gundabad Delver

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