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Farmer’s Faire Outfits

Shire Farmhand

Melilla is bringing her produce to the Farmers Market, hoping to make some coin & fall in the Mayor’s good graces. She’s carrying samples of her organic crops but her pride and joy are this year’s Gourds!

HeadStraw Sun hat with ribbon Main hand Fall Gourd
ShouldersAscot Scarf Off-hand Basket
Chest Farmer’s Fancy Dress Back Pack of the Yield

Beorning Fisher

Furcifer is ready to face new challenges in this festival’s fishing contests! Will she prove that spear fishing can be more successful than the hobbits traditional fishing poles?

HeadFirst Mate’s EyepatchGlovesFingerless Gloves
ShouldersMantle of the CombatantFootwearEmbroidered Silk Boots
BackFishing CreelMain handLake-town Spear
ChestArth-crusOff-handDagger of the Goblin-wars


We always have pesky party-goers, or mischievous characters who take advantage of the party to sneak in places they shouldn’t. Kitiarya is ready to raid poor ol’ Bamfurlong’s mushrooms! And she’s prepared to work nights too, with the help of a lantern and her truffle-sniffing piggy!

HeadMask of the Ithilien FoxGlovesFingerless Gloves
ShouldersCozy Holbytla MantleFootwearElven Padded Shoes of Fate
BackForaging PackMain handBroken Fang of Furuthang
ChestShabby TunicOff-handLantern
LegsPeacock Trousers

Picnic enthusiast

Brynhilt can’t wait for the outdoorsy Faire celebrations to start… all those hobbit goodies to sample from, all those kegs to tap! Perfect time of the year to get some sun, away from her home, just dancing the Fest away with the Free Folks!

HeadSymbelmynë Circlet Footwear Hól-budlan Foot Wraps
ShouldersMantle of the Farmer’s TableMain handBeer Stein
BackCloak of the Farmer’s Table Off-handPretzel
ChestPicnic Dress


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