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Delvings System

Official Dev Diary here

Updated Dec. 4th

Key Notes

Delvings are a new type of quest within the mission system with the purpose of increasing its difficulty and offering an alternate gearing path for non-raiders. You can choose to go solo or in a du, and you can also use Landscape Tokens to summon your Skirm soldier.

  • Requirements:
    • Your character needs to be at the server level cap (140 for non-legendary worlds)
    • Own the Before the Shadow expansion (due to the system only applying to the new missions for now)
      • There are 40 eligible missions at NPCs in Gerwyn’s Convoy (Andrath), Ruddymore Ruined Gazebo (near Sarn Ford), Clégur, Herne, Tharbad (Stonecrop Encampment), Scurloc Farm, Lhan Garan.
  • You’ll receive an in-game mail with a quest item to show you where to begin.
    • If you don’t receive it, you can still acquire the needed items from the new Missions NPCs
  • Choosing one Delving quest locks out access to any others until you complete it or fail it. Delvings won’t fail if you die, but it will fail if you leave the instance at any point prior to completion of the mission or leave without talking to the Scout.
    • There are 10 tiers of difficulty, each one with corresponding deeds.
    • You can only run 10 per day per character (resets at 3 AM server time)
  • Completing your first eligible Mission by turning in the quest at any of the new Mission NPCs, will put a quest item in your inventory: the Unnerving Zircon.
  • Once you have a Delving Gemstone trophy, interact with a Delving Stone inside the missions and malice will spread, increasing the overall difficulty of the mission and giving extra rewards.
  • Every completed mission rewards you with a new Delving Gemstone that further increases the difficulty, a cracked version of it that you can trade at the NPC for a usable stone.
    • You can also directly purchase the desired difficulty by using Bags of Coins (obtainable at any Vault NPC’s shop) to trade with the Delving Quartermaster.
    • If you wanna jump straight to T10: buy yourself an Opal (60g in Bags of Coins )- you’ll only need one per toon.

What does it mean to have different tiers?

The malice implies that extra effects will be applied, effects that will rotate, for now, on a weekly basis (Orion also hinted at future move to a daily basis rotation), and extra skills for enemies.

The amount of dread, for example, increases from T2 thru T10 (capping at +7). The range from which mobs will aggro increases and they aggro in bigger groups. They also acquire more skills to use against you.

In my opinion, the good side of this system is that it helps non-raiders learn to deal with basic mechanics like cleaning self debuffs and not standing in puddles. The bad side, it can get mindnumbing.

I don’t have a full list of which Variant brings which effects yet, since I’ve to rely on official information for a more complete picture of what they’ve designed. Maybe if the guide is successful I’ll update on this front.

Don’t cleanse / pot Daunting Disease or True Face of Fear = you’ll take % morale damage if you do and while in combat it can kill you in high tiers.

Do cleanse Virulent Poison or it’ll knock you out upon expiring.


I can’t stress this enough: the Delving Chest disappears after ONE hour in your inventory. Be quick. Mind the deadline.

  • The currency is the Delving Writ, it’s account-shared and it caps at 5,000
    • From T1 thru T4: you receive 10 DWs per quest.
    • From T5-T7: 20 DWs
    • T8: 30 DWs
    • T9: 40 DWs
    • T10: 50 DWs
      • These are unaffected by the Fateful Toolkit and the Flowing Stone
  • Quests reward IAXP, meaning they add to the Reward Track.
  • Travel Skills, Housing Decorations and cosmetic pets (Dusky Nether-hound and Brick Corgi)
  • Delving gear: you can barter for it or receive as RNG from the Delving Chest (at T10 is decent gear if you’re not raiding).
  • Unbound WoC and Heraldry recipes: up for barter or RNG
  • Other RNG Delving Chest Rewards:
    • Common crafting materials (completely random tiers)
    • Essence selection boxes.
    • Selection Box of Stat Tomes.
    • Housing decoration boxes (not selection, you get a random one)
    • Dye selection boxes
    • Motes and Figments boxes.
    • +5 Hope Tokens to the drop pool.

New Endgame Gear & Upgrades

Updated Cloaks and Necklaces to live versions, with corresponding upgrade items. Below is a list of the costs in Delving Writs.

You may obtain the upgrade items as a random drop from Delving Chests or you can barter them for writs. You’ll need one of each kind of the cloak and 5 of the Lumps for the necklace


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