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Falathrim Navigator

I’ve been doing some reading and stumbled upon some debate about whether or not Elven ships required a crew to sail, and while I won’t dwell on the arguments of that matter, the issue sparked an outfit idea!

In my head-canon, Elven ships aren’t necessarily autonomous. While I can accept the idea that the ships made for the sole purpose of bringing Elves into the West don’t need a crew to find their way (adds to the trascendence dimension of the journey), the rest of the ships that sail for more mundane reasons do have a crew. And my High-Elf is one of them.

Hera is one of the Falathrim, or Elves of the Falas, who followed Círdan since Ossë conviced some of the Teleri to stay behind, by Beleriand’s shores, instead of leaving for Valinor. During her long years she’s perfected the art and science of mapping the stars, creating naval charts for Elven captains and sailing alongside them in many expeditions, as their Chief Navigator.

During the Third Age, she’s taken residence in Mithlond, the Grey Havens, but often travels to Edhellond of old, for star-gazing and exchanging news with the Avorrim who keep watch over the ruined port.

Regarding the outfit composition, I’ve chosen pieces with geometry that connects smoothly to one another. I’ve used mostly black and grey dyes to bring out the sparkle of the innate silver and golden rims.

HeadElven-etched HoodGlovesGloves of the Riddle Teller
ShouldersAttacker’s Mantle of the Rising MoonFootwearElven-etched Shoes
BackMap-maker’s Travel PackMain handOld LI Staff (lvl 57)
ChestAttacker’s Jacket of the Rising MoonOffhandGreater Resolute Sword of Penetration

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