U30 – Blood of Azog

Release has been confirmed for June 8 (Tuesday). Read the official release notes here.

[Key Notes]

Updated June 12 , 2021

This update will lead us into the contested land of Dimrill Dale, between the Eastern Gate of Moria and Lothlórien, where the Dwarves fought against the Orcs for control of Khazad-dum.

NEW! The Mission Stable-masters now offer interconnected swift travels between Annâk-khurfu, Trestlebridge and Akrâz-zahar!*

NEW! The Fanuidhol area in old Dimrill Dale (lvl 50+ area) has been expanded and there are new bridges to explore!

NEW! A crafting recipe for Ithilgalad Component Boxes has been added to the Improved Recipes NPC – more details below!

*Note: Inner Annâk-khurfu hasn’t received the memo yet.

Starting point

If you’re 130:

  • The Legacy of Durin doesn’t have new chapters. Instead, we get the “Interlude: Blood of Azog“.
    • You’ll receive a letter from Glóin with a quest item attached – find him in Annâk-khurfu.
  • The regional quests start once you enter the new historical map by interacting with the item labelled “Tales of Yore: Azanulbizar”.
    • If you follow Glóin’s Interlude quest you’ll be directed to Erebor, more specifically to Akrâz-zahar (13.7N, 131.2W).
    • Want a quick way in there? Travel via a Recruiter Stable-master.

If you’re not 130:

  • You do get access to ten more Missions – just find a “Recruiter Stable-Master” and you’ll travel to the appropiate location.
    • The deed for completing all 10 missions once grants 10 tokens, 2k VXP + rep + a title and portrait frame.
  • Two New Factions
    • Kharum-ubnâr (Missions) – this faction starts at Outsider.
    • The Haban’akkâ of Thráin (Azanulbizar) –
      • Both of their currencies (Kharum-ubnár and Zakaf-beshek) are not account-wide and cap at 500.
  • Task Board: located in Amdân, same items as in other lvl 130 areas.
  • Raid loot: T1 & T2 drops teal 3-slots gear; new trigger essences; new LI title selection boxes (for weapons and class items); housing decorations; portrait frame. T2/T3 also drops pieces of a new bonus set.
    • Note: this is not a complete list yet.
  • Virtues go up one more rank for lvl 130: 75 is the new cap.
  • Completing the Interlude now grants 1 Trait Point, 2k VXP and the [Blood of Azog] portrait frame.
  • No changes LI legacies caps.
  • Class changes: I’ll have to refer you to the Release Notes atop this page or to the Bullroarer forum thread since it’s beyond the scope of this post.


New Crafting Recipe: check with your Guild Improved Recipes NPC and you’ll find it under T13 (it requires Honoured Master standing). It has a 6 days 18hs cooldown and it yields a purple item you can break using your Flame of Ancalamir. The final result is the equivalent of three Ithilgalad Component Boxes.

Contents of the deconstructed batch



Neutral – Travel Skill to Akrâz-zahar (cost: 10 tokens of the Kharum-ubnâr).

Acquaintance – Gear of different levels.

Friend – Housing Decorations; Cosmetic outfits

Ally – Cosmetic pets

Regional Quartermaster

Acquaintance – Travel Skill to Azanulbizar (cost: 10 tokens of Zakaf-beshek); Music boxes.

Friend – Housing Decorations

Ally – Cosmetic outits.

Kindred – Cosmetic pet; new essences

Weeklies & Dailies Wrapper Quests

Location: Amdân, the Threshold

After you complete the deed “The Battle of Azanulbizar”* 2 sets of daily quests will open:

  • Azanulbizar: A Fateful Day: requires you to complete at least 4 of a series of quests labelled “Blood of Azog – Further Studies
  • Reflections on Azanulbizar: use the Reflecting Pool in Amdân to revisit a tale.

Missions in Akrâz-zahar have their own weekly wrapper and also count towards the 2 pre-existing “On a Mission” wrappers.

Raid-wise: there’s a weekly quest to complete it raid on any difficulty and a one time short quest arc to obtain the Goat of Khazad-dûm.

Questing Tip: [Buried Promise] When you visit Eiskur, take a screenshot of the map location (not just the coords, since they won't match) - you'll need to revisit that spot in the original version of the Dale (the lvl 60 map, coords: 12.4S, 74.1W).

Raid Discovery Deed

The new raid is called “The Fall of Khazad-dûm“, and its entrance is located in Muru Azog, approx. where the D of -dûm is or if you want the coords, just approach the area around 67.8N, 129.2W.

Azanulbizar T.A. 2799 Map

This is the interactable object inside Akrâz-zahar to travel to Azanulbizar

For a complete guide to U30 Deeds: visit Arkanur’s forum post (LINK)

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  1. Awesome guide! Especially for a relatively newcomer to Lotro. Thank you for this effort and please continue to submit other guides they help so many people who might never comment because they are too shy :)..

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