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Season 3 – Legendary Reward Track

What’s new? By now I hope you've got a hang of how this works, so we're gonna jump straight into the new goodies added and/or created for this season. In order of appearance: Tier 25 Coffer of the Cook 600 AS + Housing deco Tier 40 Incomparable Coffer of Craft Incomparable Tracery Token + Recipe... Continue Reading →

Elf Ambassador to Gundabad

Upon finishing the Zhélruka Allegiance, some of the cosmetic rewards caught my eye and this outfit idea came into my mind. The dwarves have reclaimed the Mountain-hold and soon will establish a government. Kingdoms form diplomatic relationships and in the Fourth Age it's not far fetched to consider some elven realms would like to send... Continue Reading →

Fate of Gundabad (U31)

Release date: November 10, 2021. Official Release Notes. Key notes Updated: January 28th, 2022 Starting points If you’re 130: The "Legacy of Durin" has added Chapters 5 thru 11 + Epilogue. You can resume the storyline with Durin at Annak-khurfu (Elderslade) or Zarkul-sulun (Battlegrounds map). After a couple quests you'll be ported to Gundabad. Pre-requisite to enter... Continue Reading →

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