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Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner

I play mainly on Gladden, a server with a kind and open community that has seen an influx of new & returning players lately. In this spirit, I’d like to take the opportunity of this year’s event to help out other players, and maybe inspire others in other servers to do the same.

My idea is simple: I’ll park a Captain by the quest bestower NPC so I can summon players who aren’t very familiar with the Tale event or just don’t want to ride there.

And since I can’t fight who I am, this has been the excuse to make a few Pirate/Sailor inspired outfits to share & sport during the event. If you follow the blog, the hobbit-lass pirate won’t be a new outfit since I made it last year, but I promise the other ones are new!

P.S.: If you’re looking for a guide to the event instead of my random ideas, here’s FJ!

Umbarrim Captain

Let’s start with Morwinne, the Captain that will be summoning players, the pearl of my eye, whose outfit has been inspired by the fashion of Easterling Corsairs, and executed as well as I could within LOTRO limitations.

HeadCeremonial Wandering Bard’s HelmGlovesDúnadan Workman’s Cuffs
ShouldersWoodland Ranger’s ShoulderwrapFootwearBoots of the Isengard Dispeller
BackTasselled Ceremonial CloakMain-handCeremonial Easterling Sword
ChestSaets-crusShieldCeremonial Easterling Shield

Seafaring Elves

From the research I’ve done on pirate & corsair wares thru History, eye patches aren’t really unheard off due to the number of accidents on a ship (tricorn hats on the other hand, a bit over the top). Sashes and scarves (either tied to around the waist, chest, neck or head) were pretty common, and useful to keep smaller objects attached to oneself. The color palette was usually composed by tans, grey, shades of blue, dark green, with bright colors like red or yellow reserved for smaller pieces of clothing or accessories.

Female version

HeadFirst Mate’s Eyepatch GlovesIsengard Prisoner Gloves
ShouldersScrap-reinforced Pauldrons of the KhirvísaLeggingsGala-worthy Trousers & Boots
BackWoodland Ranger’s CloakMain-handSword of Endurance
ChestArth-crusShieldGuardsman’s Warden Shield of Naillan

Male version

HeadTrapper’s BandanaGlovesHól-budlan Hand Wraps
ShouldersScrap-reinforced Pauldrons of the KhirvísaLeggingsGala-worthy Trousers & Boots
BackWoodland Ranger’s CloakMain-handGalurist

Pirate Hobbit-lass

I made this originally as a Harvestmath costume (under the premise of her being an Undead Pirate). So I changed her make-up & dusted off the outfit for this event. Here’s a few newer pics, but the description is on the linked page.

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  1. Just would like to comment that they’re great! One dispute… Eye patches were not mainly used because of lost eyes. Eye patches were used because it’s dark below decks and unsafe to bring fire near gunpowder. The proteins that help you see better in the dark take a while to build up, and are light sensitive, so one step outside and they’re gone. Now imagine trying to get more gunpowder or any other supply in the middle of a fight with no night vision proteins? So the eye patch ensures you always have at least one eye with the proteins.

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