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Season 3 – Legendary Reward Track

What’s new?

By now I hope you’ve got a hang of how this works, so we’re gonna jump straight into the new goodies added and/or created for this season. In order of appearance:

Tier 25

Coffer of the Cook

600 AS + Housing deco

Tier 40

Incomparable Coffer of Craft

Incomparable Tracery Token + Recipe Selection Box (Word of Craft)

See below for details on the outputs

Tier 50

Legendary Coffer of the Silvan Hunter

Legendary Tracery Token + Cosmetic item

Tier 65

Incomparable Coffer of Heraldry

Sealed Legendary Tracery + Recipe Selection Box (Heraldry)

See below for details on the outputs

Tier 75

Legendary Coffer of the Black Bat

Legendary Tracery Token + Cosmetic pet

Tier 90

Incomparable Coffer of Craft

600 AS* + Incomparable Tracery Token + Recipe Selection Box (Craft)

*the ancient script delivers upon opening – beware of the cap

Tier 100

Legendary Coffer of the Painted Steed

2000 AS* + Enhancement Runes, Legendary x3 + Tracery Token + Painted Skeleton Steed

*the ancient script delivers upon opening – beware of the cap

What’s new after tier 100?

The famous repeatable boxes of 50 Ancient Scripts will be sprinkled with some randomized tracery recipes boxes like the ones you’ve seen above (WoC & Heraldry).

So, after you go past 100 you’ll have a slight chance of getting one of the new recipe boxes instead (I’m not kidding when I say slight, we’re talking 0.5% to 1% chance, according to what other players have found).

Tracery Recipes!?

Well yes, apparently these are a thing now. You’ll be able to use your Ancient Scripts to make them (1500 AS per). Expanding the tooltips I showed you above, here’s what I could find so far on the new possible outputs. Mind the gold ones are crit results of said recipes. And mind the “single use” label in the tooltip, deffo worth using one of your 100% crit items on them.




  hours  minutes  seconds


End of RT Season 3


8 thoughts on “Season 3 – Legendary Reward Track

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  1. Yes, you’re right about the Heraldry slot but the set bonus is in combination with the Word of Craft choices you make (old or new). You currently have 4 of those (2 per LI equipped) and an extra WoC slot per LI has been expected for a long time now but no ETA on when it might come.


      1. Sorry it’s taken me a few days to get back to you! The spam filter got your comment 😦
        If you look at the tooltips of the outputs that I posted at the bottom of the page you’ll see that they contain 1 line that says: “Word of Craft set: XXXXX” – those X being “Alacrity” or “Precision” for example. Meaning the WoC Heroic Alacrity or Precision work with the Heraldries labelled as such.


      2. if I read your response right ,. if I’m using 2x stalwart sparrow , I want 2x grand willpower for 4x bonus?


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