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Farmers’ Faire Collection 2022

Mama Hen

This Hobbiton born & raised lady has been in charge of her family’s chicken coops for as long as she can remember. She’s such an expert in the care of egg-laying hens that even old Sandson asks her for advice every now and then. Her prized eggs are behind the success of every Shire prized pie! And she’s a loyal supplier (and costumer) of the Golden Sprig bakery business, managed by Miss Azahar Panettone.

Unfortunately, we have to report she’s been having issues providing eggs to her fellow hobbits due to the recent activity of a troublesome hobbit-lass you’ll meet in the section below.

HeadNest Hat with Red ChickenChestElegant Holbytla Dress
ShouldersMantle of the Sunset HillsFootwearBoots of Entwining Blossoms
BackCloak of the CluckMain handSoup-tasting Spoon/Basket of Eggs

The Egg Scrambler

Mel is always in search for a new life goal. Last year, around this season, she was striving to be a Pirate! This year, things have taken a turn towards… sports? Much to the chagrin of Mama Hen, Mel has picked up Hobnanigans and has set her sights upon becoming a regional champion! With this in mind, she reckons she needs as much practice as she can get… hence, we can say she has earned the rank of nemesis of every chicken coop from Long Cleeve to Buckland.

Swinging her trainee club at anything even remotely feathery, Mel’s new passion has stirred a very “fowl” rebellion. Hens are just too stressed to lay eggs as expected, causing everyone who values food to desperately try to sway Mel away from her disrupting hobby.

HeadCracked Egg HelmGlovesGloves of the Heartwood
ShouldersTraditional Holbytla MantleLeggingsTrousers of the Vale
BackBugan Treasure SackFootwearVibrant Brushed Combat Boots
ChestJacket of the HeartwoodMain handHobnanigans Club

A Silvan Passerby

Seregeth has travelled Middle Earth far & wide, running all kinds of errands for King Thranduil. But her figthing days are over and she’s requested leave to ponder over the possibility of finally sailing West. Very much like other Elves, her wandering has led her to lands inhabited by other races, where she’s picked up a few souvernirs, like a lovely Rohirrim attire and crown made of Shire crops.

Since she was visiting Hobbiton when the Farmers’ Faire was announced, Seregeth’s decided to remain there until it’s over before continuing her trip west.

HeadHarvest CrownGlovesWrist-guards of the Waking Wood
ShouldersSupple Wildermore ShoulderpadsFootwearLasgalen Spring Dress Boots
BackCloak of the WildwoodMain handGiant Flower
ChestRohirrim Tunic & TrousersShieldCombat Shield of Théodred

Bert’s Apprentice

Bert Bartleby (who you may have met during the Ballad of Bingo Boffin) used to be an adventurer, not unlike ourselves. But eventually he retired and picked up a merchant lifestyle, building a loyal clientele helped by his storytelling ability and his witty sense of humor. But the bread and butter of a merchant’s life is having goods for sale or trade!

Here’s where Kit comes in. Not going to lie, she’s a crook. I mean, she’s a professional Burglar. But when she met Bert in Bree-town, she decided making an honest living was possible (at least partially)… so, now her side gig is to help out Bert resupply his stock! And the Shire’s Farmers’ Faire is her next destination.

HeadSnow-dusted Travelling HatGlovesTraveller’s Road-worn Bracers
ShouldersPelennor Shoulders of RuinFootwearCombat Boots of the Deep
BackBert Bartleby’s BackpackMain handStiletto of the Hiddenhoard
ChestJacket of DeterminationOff-handSame as above
LeggingsScarred Leg-guards of the Pren Gwydh Warrior

The Cornfields Fairy

This outfit was put together as a Twitter suggestion by a fellow LOTRO player, who gave me the idea of using a hand-held item I hadn’t used before: the Cornstalk.

While you may see the Shire farmlands as mainly dedicated to wheat and pipeweed, the Cornfields fairy appears in Summer to remind Hobbits that corn is a good staple to have. She wanders the fields from dusk to dawn, dancing and singing for farmlands to be healthy and bountiful – and Hobbits believe she’s the reason why some corn is found growing amongst their regular crops despite them not planting it there.

HeadMask of the Leaf-turnerFootwearSearcher’s Shoes
ShouldersInvader’s MantleMain handCornstalk
BackCosmetic Bee WingsShieldMender’s Guard
ChestVestments of the Autumn Sage

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