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Further Adventures of Elladan & Elrohir

Disclaimer: this content is planned for release as part of Update 33.1. Notes come from Bullroarer preview.

Official Release Notes

Where to start

Go to Elrond’s Library in Rivendell – Elrond himself will bestow Chapter 01 of this new series.

These missions award the same kind of tokens as the Bilbo ones, so keep in mind the currency is account-wide & subject to a 500 cap.

On the image to the right you can see the rewards for completing the corresponding deed.

After successful completion of each chapter, you’ll be teleported to the location of the next one, so keep that in mind if you’re not planning on completing all 5 in one sit.

  • After Chapter 01 you’ll appear in Echad Candelleth.
  • After Chapter 02 you’ll appear in Echad Eregion.
  • After Chapter 03 you’ll appear in Echad Andestel.
  • After Chapter 04 you’ll appear in Egladil, right outside Caras Galadhon.
  • After Chapter 05 you’ll appear in Elrond’s Library again, and the cycle is complete.
    • This is useful to keep in mind if you haven’t unlocked a stable point in these locations or nearby.

A few notes of my experience

In Chapter 1 – if your goal indicates to “examine the black cloak” but nothing is glowing, there may be an enemy still alive (a carrion-fly that doesn’t come close enough to aggro).

Also, remember the usefulness of having the /follow function keybound or assigned to a quickslot. It helpful if you have trouble navigating or keeping track of NPCs. It’s a great way to navigate all chapters, tho for example, in Ch. 04 you’ll need to keep track of a bear cub whose path will trigger enemies and it’s important not to get too lost or the mission may bug out. If it happens, you’ll need to reset the instance (by leaving & launching another from the Instance Finder) or retake the quest (but this option requires cancelling the quest, which has a longer wait time).

Regional slayer deeds advance with kills inside these missions (i.e.: Beast Slayer in Lothlórien)


Mostly, the new rewards are housing decorations and a couple bear cub cosmetic pets (a brown one & a black one) that will be added to NPC Celeblír in Rivendell. Pics to be added after release.

If you’d like a preview of the housing items, look no further:

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