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The Judge

Why this outfit? There’s not a lot of information regarding judicial systems in Middle Earth… it’s one of those aspects Tolkien didn’t develop much. However, I’ve been invited to join the Jury for the ongoing Housing Week Contest! If you want to learn more about it or housing in general, you only need follow the link.

Of course, this new experience made me feel an urge to get outfitted for the occasion. The Hammer was the first item to come to mind (from the Wildwood missions) since it resembles a mallet, but then I proposed to myself this challenge: the rest of the outfit would only be made with items obtained from the Skirmish camp. The reason is to be able to recreate most of it when I go visit houses in other servers, as an RP exercise.

Here we go:

HeadCeremonial Silver-voice HelmGlovesCeremonial Gloves of the Poet’s Heart
ShouldersCeremonial Shoulders of the LearnedFootwearCeremonial Nenuial’s Boots
BackFlames of the DeepMain handConstruction Hammer
ChestDecorative Hauberk

What’s your take on this attire? Feel free to leave any comments, feedback, suggestions or your own Judge outfit in the section below or ping me on Twitter! I’d love to see it & other creations.

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