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The Master Blaster

First off, I haven’t had time to create a lot of pre-Anniversary outfits so I apologize in advance but I do hope to make it up to you all while the festival is ongoing. Btw, if you’re looking to get a sneak-peek at the upcoming rewards here’s a thread you might find interesting!

Onto the matter at hand, Master Blaster is a title obtainable in game and since LOTRO’s Anniversary is the same day as my birthday I wanted to celebrate by giving my main, a Lore Master, a fireworks themed outfit.

HeadMender’s Face-shield of Khazad-dûm’s FallGlovesEdraithgaim
ShouldersDefender’s Shoulder-guards of Khazad-dûm’s Fall FootwearEmbroidered Silk Boots
BackSpark-maker’s PackMain handThrâng’s Staff
ChestLore-master’s Greater Silk-weave Robe of the Beast Unshackled*Off-handSword of Endurance**
  • *Any light chest piece from Remmorchant shares this skin, doesn’t need to be the upgraded version either.
  • **I’m planning on switching the sword for the new Anniversary Sparkler we’re getting!

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