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Spring Outfits Collection 2022


A West Germanic Goddess of Spring, whose existence has been in constant debate since there wasn’t a lot of evidence of worship dating to pre-Christian times. I personally chose to follow scholar Jacob Grimm’s theory regarding this deity and that’s why there’s an outfit inspired by her.

This outfit represents the circle of life, the cycle of time, the wheel of the seasons. I chose these pieces because the fading purple tones are the perfect background for the white & gold tones to emerge: as the night vanishes at the coming of dawn, as winter retreats when spring begins.

HeadCirclet of Fresh-picked FlowersFootwearCeleborn’s Shoes
ShouldersMantle of the Spring WoodsMain-handPhial of Galadriel
BackAlliance of the 3rd Age Silk CloakOff-handPhial of Galadriel
ChestDress of Entwining Blossoms


The goddess of the flowering of plants in Roman mythology. Her temple stood near the Circus Maximus and her festival was called the Floralia. A representation of Flora’s head, distinguished by a floral crown, appeared on coins of the Roman republic.

This outfit was built around the cloak (found in North Ithilien) and the foxgloves, hence the details in rose framed by green, white & gold. There are 2 items from the Yule festival (the poinsettia crown and the fur mantle) because the first one dyes beautifully altering the flowers appearance & the second one is of the few shoulders that hide cloaks cropping thru. Pictures were taken in the Field of Cormallen.

HeadPoinsettia CrownGlovesWrist-guards of the Waking Wood
ShouldersFur MantleMain handFoxglove
BackWreath of the North Ithilien WildsOff-handFoxglove
ChestSleevless Dress of the Spring Maid
*this is a mace, so if you prefer a sword I’d recommend the Polished Fangorn ones, or if you’re a Brawler, the Bright Steel battle-gauntlets.

Heart of the Forest

Inspired by numerous myths surrounding different kinds of spiritual beings acting as guardians and caretakers of forests and woodlands, I’ve put together this outfit for those who prefer to maintain a “heavy-gear” look during LotRO’s festivals.

The colour palette tries to blend earthy tones (greens and browns) with the typical metallic details found in chainmail and plate armour. Moreover, the idea was to make this outfit as accessible as possible for those players who don’t have high level characters – you’ll see all the pieces are obtainable from Skirm-camp or crafting and none of them is higher than level 90 (a level restriction that you can bypass by putting the items in your wardrobe). The Elk Hunter pack is the only item from the LOTRO Store and that’s why I offer an alternative back item.

HeadRune-maker’s HatLeggingsBattle-leader’s Leggings
ShouldersFar-arrow’s ShouldersFootwearShoes of the Hopeful Melody
BackElegant Backpack/Elk Hunter PackMain handClub of Entish Rage/Polished Fangorn sword*
ChestShield-master’s BreastplateShieldWestemnet Assault-shield (any)
GlovesBattle-leader’s Gauntlets
*If you’re a Brawler, get the Bright Steel battle-gauntlets (crafted).


This goddess’ account belongs to different slavic ethnicities, from today’s Czech Republic & Slovenia to Ukraine & Russia. Due to the oral records, so many details about this goddess change (like her hair color, her background story, her relationships). It’s really hard to actually piece together something consistent other than the fact that she’s another goddess representing the coming of spring and the end of winter.

So I’ve chosen an image of her to recreate in-game (that you can see here) and I took the pictures in the Old Forest’s Willow Glade since Vesna’s tree was said to be the willow. The use of this dress prevents from adding gloves or footwear so it’s a simpler outfit. Finally, I’ve chosen apples for her to carry and wheat to crown her because they are both associated with springtime and the beginning of agricultural cycles.

HeadHarvest-brew CircletChestCeremonial White Dress*
ShouldersCeremonial Mantle of Kept PromisesMain handBasket of Freshly Picked Apples
BackCloak of Shire Holly
*Lalia’s version of this dress is dyeable, the one from Summer Festival is not.

Final note: my hobbits haven’t been featured this festival coz I’m gonna be wearing the Garden Gnome outfit I shared here:


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