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Elf Ambassador to Gundabad

Upon finishing the Zhélruka Allegiance, some of the cosmetic rewards caught my eye and this outfit idea came into my mind. The dwarves have reclaimed the Mountain-hold and soon will establish a government. Kingdoms form diplomatic relationships and in the Fourth Age it’s not far fetched to consider some elven realms would like to send envoys.

The Goat of Kept Promises and the Cloak of Kept Promises matched so beautifully, I couldn’t help myself and added yet another outfit to my main character. Dyes used were Black, Gold & Sea Blue.

HeadDwarf-make HelmFootwearCeremonial Town-saver’s boots
Shoulders Fur MantleBackCeremonial Cloak of Kept Promises
ChestSocketed Light Chestguard of Kept Promises*Main-handEtched Yew Staff
GlovesLight Gauntlets of the Grey Mountain StalwartOff-handBlade of Unity
*This item shares skin with all the light chest pieces from Gundabad.
CaparisonSea-wardTailReminiscing Dragon
GearLore-master’s Gear SaddleSporting Steed**

**The reason why I use this saddle: it causes a glitch in the headpiece that removes the white horse mane that’s part of the cosmetic (and it’s not dyeable). If you don’t have this saddle, you can use any others that match the color palette (Northern Herald, Wintry Yule for example)


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