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U32 – LI Reward Track

Updated: Nov. 14th, 2022

Season 4 is here

Season 3 is here

Season 2 is here

Where to find it?

  • On your toolbar (long path): find the Menu icon (^) > Character > Reward Track
  • Shortcut (added with 32.0.1 patch): Shift+I (the old command for LIs)
  • Config a toolbar slot: follow the steps in this tweet below

What is it?

Source: Official article about this feature

This new feature attempts to offer extra rewards linked to the development of your Legendary Items. The idea, as I understand it, is for it to exist as a background-process that you advance as you play.

It’s account-wide, so all your characters on a server will contribute to its progress. Well, not ALL of them. As part of the 32.0.1 patch, the following requirements have to be met for a character to earn IXP and advance the Reward Track:

Similar to the Allegiance system, it will allow you to claim the unlocked rewards when you see fit and in the character you prefer.

Finally, the Reward Track will be linked to a “season(a period of 3 months) and when that season ends, the track will reset, some rewards will change & you’ll get to level it up from tier 0 again.

How to use it?

The Reward Track will advance when you receive IXP and that happens when you complete quests, missions, deeds or consume IXP runes (a “legacy” option that we inherit from the previous LI system but that apparently devs intend to gradually phase out).

The amount of IXP to advance each tier of the track varies and the level of the character contributing to it impacts those IXP requirements. Currently the track has 101 tiers (100 is the max but 101 has been added to implement a repeatable reward – see below).

Thanks to my kinnie, Eorlthain, for working out the current IXP advancement values!

The columns labeled “track” show how much IXP is needed to advance through certain segments of the track’s tiers at a given character level. The Total Track XP simply adds up how much IXP you’ll need to max it at a given character level (from tier 0 to 100).

What about the rewards?

These are tooltips from all the rewards offered in this iteration – you earn more than one of each kind as you advance. After the capstone reward at tier 100 (the Legendary Coffer), there’s now a repeatable reward (Coffer of Ancient Script) that you can earn as many times as you can get the required XP to unlock it & until the track season resets.

  • Decorated Coffer = 200 scripts
  • Embellished Coffer = 600 scripts
  • Embossed Coffer = 1000 scripts
  • Enhancement runes (uncommon, rare, incomparable) = output varies between 3 and 5 runes.
  • Enhancement runes (legendary) = 3 per box (you’ll get a total of 8 boxes, not counting the ones included inside the Legendary Coffer of Gundabad)
  • Sealed Tracery boxes = all random, outputs are all Mastery traceries (class related).
  • Sealed Chest of Embers (1k) = in this BR build it’s granting 1000 Embers and 1000 Figments (there are 4 of these chests total, down from 5 in the past iteration).
  • Tracery token box = you’ll get 6 incomparable ones and 2 legendary ones.
  • Legendary Coffer of Gundabad = 2000 Ancient Scripts, 3 Legendary Enhancement Rune Boxes and 1 Gold Tracery Token.
  • Coffer of Ancient Script = this is a repeatable reward added after the Legendary coffer (tier 101) and it can be claimed as many times as you fill the necessary IXP until the Reward Track resets. Currently it grants 50 scripts.
Friendly site if you're looking for tips on this new feature: LOTRO Players


9 thoughts on “U32 – LI Reward Track

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  1. Has anyone thought about progression through season 2? in Season 1 we have a bank full of hoarded Runes ( mine total 2.2 million ) but in Season 2 we will be using ones earned in game… much less than the amount we have hoarded over a couple of years. so it seems this system is a grind of diminishing returns.


    1. I don’t think there’s a lot of thought beyond the nearest future. LOTRO’s systems tend to end up obsolete for that reason. I think after the hoarded runes get used up, they’ll be watching the feedback for Season 2 & hopefully make adjustments for Season 3?


  2. should pretty likely not have used my hoarded runes now..
    Didnt count the amounts I used but it was _enormous_ piles needed to get to the max
    There is no way that they dont make it like 50x less needed in next iterations X-D

    Liked by 1 person

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