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2021 Yule Outfits Collection

Ded Moroz (Father Frost)

The origins of Ded Moroz predate Christianity in Slavic mythology, and he’s been characterized in many manners, from a Wizard of Winter to a Snow Demon (with the connotation that implies). In contemporary times, Ded Moroz is a figure akin to western Santa Claus, popular in countries with strong Slavic roots (like Russia). Last year, I made a Snegurochka outfit (Snow Maiden), who happens to be Ded Moroz’s granddaughter, so I thought it’d be nice to make him this year.

Some representations of Father Frost depict him in red tones so the similarities with Santa Claus are emphasized. But I was inspired by pictures of him in blue or light blue outfits instead, and you can see a few of these images here.

HeadGlovesArgent Dwarf-make Gloves
ShouldersHelmed Mantle of Winter DriftsFootwearCeremonial Ajokoira Shoes
ChestCeremonial Hoary Aurochs RobeStaffLore-master Staff of the 3rd Age lvl 60
BackFancy Snow CloakOff-handElegant Blade of Grárik
He’s not wearing the blade on the pics coz he’s too low level

Outfit Variation – since this lovely cloak only comes in a hooded version, I put together this alternative to show off a head piece that would do him more justice than just a hood.

HeadWinterstith Cap of Concentration*GlovesGloves of the Anvil/Winterstith*
ShouldersCeremonial Mantle of Kept PromisesFootwearShoes of the Anvil/Winterstith*
ChestCeremonial Hoary Aurochs RobeStaffLore-master Staff of the 3rd Age lvl 60
BackFancy Winter CloakOff-handElegant Blade of Grárik

*These gear pieces, drops from the Anvil raid, share appearances between purple and teal quality gear, so whether you can snag a piece labelled “of the Anvil” or “Winterstith”, you’ll be getting the icy look!

Full Combo!

If you choose a LM to be your Ded Moroz, you get the extra advantage of having 2 pets out
LM PetTundra bear cubMountGrey Mountains Elite Goat
Cosmetic PetCrystal Grim, Frost Grim,
Snow Not-so-grim
War-steedSnow-beast or Wintry Yule cosmetics
Ofc these are all suggestions, I’d love to hear what you’d choose to match up!

The Holly King & The Oak King

These twin outfits were inspired by a Celtic legend about two rulers of the seasons (the Oak King and the Holly King) who wage war for supremacy as the Wheel of the Time turns. The Oak King is at his strongest during Midsummer while the Holly King’s dominance peaks during Yule; and they battle twice a year. Both Kings are portrayed in a similar-but-opposite manner, using elements of nature, like antlers, branches and leaves, predominantly in green tones, especially the wreaths around their heads.

For the purposes of these collection I’ve chosen to depict the Holly King in colder blue tones, with winter & autumn details combined (turquoise & belegaer blue dyes). On the other hand, my version of the Oak King is mainly green and golden, representing the beginning of a new cycle with the coming of spring (olive and dark green dyes). Finally, I relied on the Weapon Auras to add an extra effect: Dead City for the Holly King and Fateful Thunder for the Oak King (but I personally would prefer to use a Westernesse damage-type bow for its green glow).

HeadIcy Flower CrownGlovesGloves of the Anvil
ShouldersFur MantleFootwearFierce Boots of the Wary
ChestHeavy Hauberk of the TowersBowSmooth Black Ash Bow of Speed
BackCloak of FlurriesMain Hand*
Polished Wildermore Axe of Power
Forged Elven-steel Mace of Combat

*You can choose any assortment of weapons from Grárik if you prefer to emphasize the icy look, I chose these weapons for other reasons: the Axe has a blue orb encrusted and a semi-circle pattern (representing the half of the year ruled by the Holly King) and the Mace looks like a big snowflake xD. Finally, the bow has embedded blue gems that match with the rest of the outfit.

HeadIcy Flower CrownGlovesVines of Naruhel
ShouldersMedium Nadhin ShouldersFootwearBerserker’s Boots
ChestTunic of Entwining BlossomsBowSmooth Black Ash Bow of Speed
BackOakenshield’s RucksackBoth HandsSolid Eastemnet Assault Mace
Polished Wildermore Dagger of Power
I love how this bow looks like an extension of the arm Vines.

*If you can make this outfit with a Class that actually can equip a shield, I’d recommend wielding the Oakenshield cosmetic and replacing the back item with a proper cloak like the Greenwood one or the Alliance of the Third Age Silk cloak.

As an outfit variation, @ScifiSpirit has suggested using the Thranduil’s head pieces – certainly a more sturdy warrior-looking piece with antlers!

Full Combos!

MountWinter ElkMountElk of the Spring Wood or Forest Elk
Cosmetic PetMajestic White StagCosmetic PetAutumn Heartwood Stag
War-steedSilvan War Antlers + any garments
you like (I’m using the Citadel caparison)
War-steedWinter’s Light head-piece + any other
pieces you like for a woodsy look

La Befana

The Italian folk legend of La Befana dates back to the 13th century and the name is linked to the Feast of Epiphany (around January 6th). This “Christmas witch” takes off on her broom on the eve of the Feast to fill socks with candy and presents for kids who’ve been good, or a lump of coal if they’ve been naughty. Described as a stereotypical housekeeper or homemaker, many say she will sweep the floor before she leaves.

She is usually portrayed as an elderly woman, with a broomstick, wearing a shawl or handkerchief around her head (not the pointy witch hat) and she’s covered in soot because she enters houses through the chimney. She’s also depicted carrying a bag of candy and a lantern to guide herself in the night. Now, LOTRO has no broomstick nor a proper bag of candy that I could strap on my Befana so this came out as a very simple outfit. After reading this, what would you equip to replace the broomstick?

ShouldersHooded Mantle of Winter DriftsMain handLantern
ChestShabby DressOff-handTBD (until we get a broom!)
BackTime-worn cloak
What else would you add to this Christmas Witch? Let me know!

Full Combo!

MountHobby Horse (Yule motif or
not, whichever you can get)
Cosmetic PetDusty Shrew (or any
other shrew you have)
I selected no warsteed in her case, since she’s supposed to use her broom to fly!

Frau Holle

She’s known by many names (Berchta, Perchta, Hulda, etc) depending on which region you track your mythology sources to. Frau Holle is a dual goddess for two reasons: because she’s found “in-between places” (between danger and safety, between life and death) and because she’s depicted both as a fair maiden and an old crone. Her feast day is December 25th, and typically, she is seen as a goddess of hearth and home, who causes snowfalls when she shakes her mattresses.

In her “White Lady” or “Bright Lady” form, she’s associated with Yule’s evergreens, birch trees and mistletoe, a protector of the forests and wildlife, of women and children and she also takes part of the Wild Hunt during the Raunachte. However, in her old crone form, the “Spinnstubenfrau”, she’s said to have a splayed or goose foot (a sign of magical power and working the spinner). Thus, she was thought to wander the countryside making sure women had fulfilled their yarn-spinning duties. In this belief we find why the Grimm tales turn her into an evil spirit who would slit the bellies of lazy maidens and children and stuff them with yarn.

HeadAlliance of the Third Age CoifBackCloak of Many Worlds
ShouldersLight Nadhin ShouldersMain handPhial of Galadriel
ChestGala-worthy GownOff-handBunch of Holly
You don’t need to choose shoes since the gown is very long but it’d help not leaving bulky boots on!

Full Combo!

MountGrey Horse*Cosmetic PetDecorated Goose or
a White Swan or Owl
War-steedComplete Rivendell set
dyed white
*The Prized Galadhrim Steed could be another nice match. Also I chose a goose due to the goose foot reference
End of the post

Have a Merry Yule and a Happy New Year!


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