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[Legendary Servers] Rewards!

Updated July 28th, 2022

Fellow Player “WhiteWolf21x” started compiling the list of rewards you can obtain by playing on the Legendary Servers (Anor, Shadowfax and Treebeard) and that will apply to your whole account, across-servers. I’m keeping it updated here and I’ve added the cross-server titles rewards from Shadowfax and Treebeard.


  • Adventure-Seeker Frame – Reach level 15.
  • Blaze of Hope Frame – Reach level 60.
  • Great River Frame – Complete the Legend of Limelight Gorge Deed.
  • Horse Lords Portrait Frame – Reach level 85.
  • Helm’s Deep Defender Frame – Complete Vol. 3 Book 13: The Battle of the Hornburg.
  • Beacon of Gondor Frame – Reach level 100.
  • Black Gate Frame – Reach level 105.
  • Heart of the Mountain Frame – Reach level 115.
  • Frame of the Dwarf-holds – Reach level 120.
  • Minas Morgul Frame – Reach level 130.


  • Cloak of Narmeleth’s Redemption – Complete Vol. 1 Book 15: Daughter of Strife of the Epic Story.
  • Hooded Cloak of the Watcher – Complete Vol. 2 Book 8: Return to Azanarukar.
  • Cloak of the Greenwood Echoes – Complete Vol. 3 Book 3: Echoes of the Dead.
  • Hooded Repurposed Cloak of the White Hand – Complete Vol. 3 Book 6: Mists of the Anduin.
  • Cloak of the Regal Horse-Lords – Complete Vol. 3 Book 9: The Third Marshall.
  • Hooded Cloak of Gondor’s Aid – Complete Vol. 4 Book 4: Siege of the White City.
  • Morannon Ceremonial Cloak – Complete Vol. 4 Book 8: The Black Gate.
  • Hooded Heart of the Mountain Cloak – Complete Vol. 4 Book 9 and The Black Book of Mordor, Ch. 6.
  • Cloak of Anduin’s Wisdom – Complete The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 10
  • Hooded Cloak of Minas Morgul – Complete The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 14


  • Legendary Traveler – Reach Level 50.
  • Rambling Rover – Barter Title from trader in Gath Forthnir.
  • Delver of Darkest Depths – Complete all Moria instances once.
  • Stalwart Journeyer Title – Reach Level 65.
  • Nemesis of the Necromancer – Complete all Mirkwood instances once.
  • Dispeller of Isengard – Reach Level 75.
  • Tree Whisperer – Complete Legend of Fangorn Deed.
  • Beacon – Complete Beacon of Gondor Deed.
  • Unbowed and Unbroken – Requires completion of several objectives: Warbands: Far Anorien’s Roaming Enemies, [Wrath and Ruin, Ch. 6]; [Sifting for Survivors]; and [Assisting the Herbalists: North Ithilien]*
  • Traveller of Wood, Lake, Mountain, and Stone – requires completion of several objectives: The Scourges of the North; The Path of the Company; Restoring the Three Kingdoms; The Lay of Rust and Rime.**
  • Seeker of Dragons – requires completion of the following objectives: Ered Mithrin Dragon-kind Slayer, Quests of the Dwarf-holds and reaching Friend status with the Grey Mountains Expedition**.
  • Thinks like a Goblin – complete Chapter 4 of The Legacy of Durin & a A Call to War

*Credits to player Leixy on this one!

**Credits to Eorlthain on this one!

Landscape Difficulty Titles

[These are class specific, and can only be obtained by reaching levels 50 and 130 with each class on Shadowfax and Treebeard. But the titles carry over to your alts of that same class, in any server].

You have to pick a difficulty setting before lvl. 11 and you cannot downgrade it below certain thresholds. Example: if you pick Deadly (base or +X), you cannot switch to Hard or Dangerous without losing your deed for the Deadly title. If you switch between Deadly and Deadly+X, you won’t lose that deed.

That being said, there are other obtainable rewards that do not apply to your account and don’t automatically transfer across servers:


  • Shadow-breaker – from completing Carn Dum, Urugarth & Rift.
  • Angmar-rambler (10 legendary coins) – item is bound to account but only counts for the toon that consumes the writ).
  • Moria-rambler (10 legendary coins) – same as above.


  • Three Cloaks from the Gath Forthnir Legendary Barterer – “Legend of Angmar” – with & without hood – and Hooded version of “Narmeleth’s Redemption” cloak.
  • Hooded version of the Watcher cloak from the 21st Hall Legendary Barterer.
  • Hooded version of the Greenwood cloak at the Ost Galadh‘s Legendary Barterer or at Llanuch‘s.
  • Repurposed Cloak of the White Hand – Complete quest [Legendary Isengard: Razing the Iron Fortress].
  • Cloak of Gondor’s Aid (hoodless version) – Complete Beacon of Gondor deed.
  • Hooded Cloak of Anduin’s Wisdom.
  • Cloak of Minas Morgul – Complete Interlude: Blood of Azog


  • On Horseback – same deed that rewards the Horse-lords frame.
  • Blaze of Hope – same deed as the frame.
  • Bree-seeker – same deed as the Adventure-seeker frame.
  • Eorlingas by deed – same deed as the Regal Horse-Lords cloak.
  • Legend of Helm’s Deep – same deed as the frame.
  • Bane of Shadow and Flame – same deed as the Watcher cloak.
  • Bane of the White Wizard – same deed as cloak.
  • Shatterer of Nurzum – Complete Final Stand quest in Wildermore.
  • Shadow-breaker – Completing Carn Dum, Urugarth & Rift.
  • Legend of Rohan – Rebuilding Hytbold.
  • Great River Guide – comes with the frame listed above.
  • Helmingas by Deed – level to 95.
  • Noble and True – same deed as Greenwood Cloak.
  • Rekindler of Light from the Shadow – same deed as Narmeleth’s Cloak.
  • Legend of Angmar – 5 legendary coins (toon only).
  • Legend of Moria – 15 legendary coins (toon only)
  • Legend of Mirkwood – 10 legendary coins (toon only).
  • Legend of Isengard – Complete quest [Legendary Isengard: Razing the Iron Fortress].
  • Waste not – Reach Level 105.
  • The End of the Road – same deed as the Morannon Cloak
  • A Job Well-done – same as the Hooded Heart of the Mountain Cloak.
  • Uninvited Guest – Reach level 115.
  • Legend of Mordor – Complete Weekly Conquest: Allegiance Quests, Weekly Conquest: Scourges, Weekly Conquest: Resource Instances and Weekly Conquest: Group instances.
  • Journeyer through Hills, Mountains, and Vales – Reach level 120.
  • Lover of Wisdom – The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 10 (same as hoodless cloak).
  • Legend of Anduin – Complete Interlude: Shades in the Swamp
  • Legend of Minas Morgul – Complete The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 14 (deed name is “Final Escape”)
  • Reflects on War – Complete Interlude: Blood of Azog

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