2021 Spring Outfits

I’ve added some photo galleries for the outfits I’ve made for LOTRO’s Spring Festival for some of my main classes:

Beorning Healer

This outfit was created around the title “The Biggest Busiest Bee” and the Bee Wings. Only dye used: Gold.

HeadWorn HoodGlovesQuick Gages of Thranduil’s Power
ShouldersHardened Pauldrons of the ThresholdFootwearTough Boots of the Anórien Tree
BackCosmetic Bee Wings2h ClubBasher of the Nameless
ChestTough Jacket of Anórien JusticeBowPowerful Greatbow of the Adventurer

Lore-Master (Jack of all Trades)

This outfit was made around the new cosmetic “Ceremonial Arnorian Surcoat“, obtained via Agoroth’s related quest chain. Only dyes used: Walnut Brown (gloves) & Olive (head).

HeadFancy Cap of the TowersGlovesCeremonial Gauntlets of the Quiet Step
Shoulders Mantle of the Spring WoodsFootwear Boots of the Swift Arrow
BackForaging PackStaffStaff of the Vales
ChestCeremonial Arnorian Surcoat SwordMalendol’s Sword

Healer & Support Minstrel

Generic Elven-themed pieces, the new Honey cloak just seemed to fit in, in Rivendell Green dye since I mostly play the Yellow and Blue lines.

HeadHarvest Brew CircletGlovesCeremonial Gauntlets of the Quiet Step
ShouldersShoulders of the Lady’s GraceFootwearReclaimed Nobleman’s Shoes
BackHoneycomb CloakShieldCalenglad’s Shield
ChestJacket of the Winding RoadSwordBlade of Unity

Lightning Rune-keeper

My Bolt Mistress clad in white & gold is making a comeback with Aftershock and I’ve added the Naruhel Vines & Shawl because I think it melds nicely despite the greenish tones. Dyes used: White & Lórien Gold (back)

HeadMask of the Leaf-turnerGlovesVines of Naruhel
ShouldersNaruhel’s ShawlFootwearBoots of the Swift Arrow
BackBridal VeilRunesRune-stone of the Vales
ChestLasgalen Spring Dress

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