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1-min video trick! War-steed panel for low lvl toons

[Update March 6th, 2022] This method is back! The LOTRO Store has restored the “Preview Feature” (via the hanger icon) so the trick works again! Afaik, it still doesn’t work for those who play via Steam.

I see this question pop in World Chat every single festival where new players (or not that new) can get War-steed cosmetics but can’t see them.

Ofc if you already have access to War-steed skills, you just need to Shift+M but a lower level toon can’t prompt the panel this way.

Yet, where there’s a will, there’s a way! This is the method I try to recommend… tho I don’t know how it applies to players who run LOTRO via Steam with the changes to the store being external only 😦

Anyways, hope it helps!

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