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Wildwood of Bree-land Update

Updated: February 3rd, 2022

Key Notes


  • Factions: League of the Axe and Woodcutter’s Brotherhood. The reputation consumable tokens aren’t gated behind a quest requirement and each grants 1,000 reputation points.
  • Quest hubs: Trader’s Wharf and Trestlebridge
  • Boat routes! Discover 3 new Docks that allow you to swift travel along the Brandywine river:


There are 10 new missions that can be found at Trestlebridge. Overall, they seem to be longer than the Wo3P missions. Below you can see the bestower NPC & the completion deed.

You’ll spot a summoning horn at the beginning of each Mission, don’t run past it until you’ve summoned a companion or the Mission will have some trouble loading the mobs.

The Weeklies have also changed: now the old “complete 15” missions is called “On a Mission (Weekly)” and the new “complete 45” missions is called “On a Continuing Mission (Weekly)”.

Both Weeklies have these rewards
Selection Boxes Rewards (Weekly Wrappers)

The Guild Rep item grants 10k rep and it’s bound to account. The Rare component box contains shards of all levels, and the crafting mats boxes let you select a small amount of ingredients amongst all available tiers.

Which Missions count towards these wrappers? Any and all of them: War of Three Peaks (War-room), Wildwood (Trestlebridge), Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggings (Rivendell) and the future ones in Akrâz-zahar (Erebor).


These will appear under your Eriador-Bree tab – nothing out of the ordinary – for a full guide to completion visit Arkanur’s post in the BR section of the forums (link).

If you’re lvls 40-50

Starting point

Trestlebridge will be the easiest way to start your journey across this update. Upon entering the town from Bree-land, take to your left (to your right if you come from North Downs) & find the NPCs gathering around 17.7S, 54.4W. Looking at the map you should be able to find the area by spotting the blue (far-range) stable-master icon.

If you’re level cap (130)


Virtues: +2 more tiers will be unlocked, which means we’ll go from 72 to 74 cap on release day.

Upgraded Remmorchant Class Set pieces: you’ll need to obtain 50 Tokens of Resolution per piece from the two new 3-man instances (see below). With these and the base Remm pieces you can talk to the Quartermasters in Estolad Lân and barter for your upgrade.

Note: if you upgrade only one piece, you’ll lose access to your set bonus until you can get all 4 upgraded again. So it’s worth to wait until you’ve gathered 200 tokens (150 if you’re going for the crafted helm)

Crafted Remmorchant Gold Chests (ilvl 445): the recipe is autobestowed to Tailors and Metalsmiths (T13) and you do not require the base Remm chest to craft this one. The materials you’ll need are:

  • 50 Minas Ithil Leathers / Ingots
  • 20 Ithilgalad Hides / Armour Scraps (from the Ithilgalad Components Boxes)
  • 25 Ithilgalad Shards

Concerning Instances

The two new scaling 3-man instances are Agoroth, the Narrowdelve and Woe of the Willow. While there are bread crumb quests attached to both, they are not required to run the instances, neither is actual discovery.

Instance loot involves the Tokens of Resolution needed for the Remm Gear Upgrade explained above and some teals & purples. At T3, from final boss chest, there seems to be a fixed amount of tokens for every member (6) and then some more get distributed randomly (you could get +1 on top of your 6, or +5). At T5, the amount of tokens goes up to 14 for every member (plus extras).

Teals decon into 200 embers while Purples seem to only give a materials selection box (in my case, I received a box of hides – to chooose one amongst stacks of 10 from all tiers).

If you’re running solo – remember to give the game some time to load before you move in too far, since you’ll get a summoning horn for a companion (same as in the Missions).

Agoroth, the Narrowdelve

  • Minimum lvl 45
  • Aragorn in Rivendell’s Guest House bestows “The One who Lingers
  • You’ll have to follow this quest line up to Lothrandir in Suri-kyla
  • Rewards: Rivendell Rep + Cosmetic “Ceremonial Arnorian Surcoat” + 2000 VXP
  • Bonus quest! There’s a lvl 110 quest called “A King’s Rest” that will grant you another title, if you find Arvedui near Aragorn’s throne (Allegiance Hall of the King). Credits to my kinnie Mithotyn for finding it!

Woe of the Willow

  • Minimum lvl 20
  • Shirriff Hob Hayward at Buckland’s Gate bestows “Unnatural Fury
  • This is another quest chain that will take you into the Old Forest with Marigold Boffin
  • Rewards: Morgul Blade Trophy (Decoration) + Title + 2000 VXP

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