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2020 Yule Outfits Collection

Hrímil Frost-heart Returns

Inspired by the re-appearance of Hrímil at the Gates of Gundabad.

With her newfound freedom but stuck waiting until the next expansion, Hrímil started looking for another treasure hoard to keep herself occupied. Rumors reached her of Winter-home being under the heel of a very greedy Mayor. “Where there’s greed, there’s gold” she thought. So, Hrímil chose to disguise herself as an Elf maiden to sneak into the party and conquer the Yuletide Hoard!

A humble Hobbit in Winter-home

This local bartender lost her job in the Shire due to the 2020 pandemic, but Yuletide brings hope! She picked herself up, dressed up in her best clothes, made sure her old boots wouldn’t slip and hit the ground running on her way to Winter-home. Looking for a new gig as a bartender in the Teather (we all know we could use a drink when we are in there). Toss her a coin if you see her!

Mithrandir’s Little Helper

Inspired by a housing scene I designed (A Yule Celebration with Middle Earth Flavour), where Mithrandir is Santa and the hobbits who work in his workshop are “elves”. This one in particular is a broker of toy designs between Mithrandir and the Dwarves. She travels far and wide thru Mithrandir’s portal, bringing him new ideas and stories and decorations for her coworkers.

Snegúrochka (Snow Maiden)

Inspired by the Russian fairy tale of Snegúrochka and based on the painting by Víktor Vasnetsov in 1899. In some versions, she’s a girl made of snow, in others she’s a helper or a granddaugher of Ded Moroz (Santa).

The Snow Maiden has started her pilgrimage towards Winter-home, since she enjoys slowly travelling in these snow-white landscapes of Ered Luin. On her way she met a cute rabbit, lost and hungry, so she retraced her steps to lead it back to Frerin’s Court.


Tired of all those pesky party-goers disturbing the Snow-beasts with the excuse to bring cheer & joy, Lil decided to done her outfit and become a superhero for them! “Snow-beastie is” coming this Yule to defend their right to sleep, meditate or just rest horizontally! She’s a feisty one, beware!

Bonus Track: Wild Hunt Valkyrie

For this outfit I chose the Valkyrie called Mist, since Odin describes her as a horn-bearer. Valkyries took part in the Wild Hunt, reaping the souls of the dead and judging their passage into Valhalla (ehm, I mean, the Halls of Mandos).

The German legend of the Wild Hunt features a ghostly host of warriors and hunters led by the norse God Odin – or sometimes a female counterpart (Holle, Perchta) – that rode the nocturnal skies during Yuletide.

Happy Yule & best wishes to y’all!

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