War of Three Peaks


Key Notes

Updated: May, 3th 2021

Starting points

If you’re 130:

  • The Epic story (2 new chapters of “the Legacy of Durin“) can be resumed at Limlók (Wells of Langflood) where we left Glóin & company.
  • The regional quests start off with Agátur in Skarháld [35.3N, 47.4W]
  • The Rohirric Scholar story-line following Léothred can be resumed at Hlithseld (even if you haven’t done the first part, you can start it here).

If you aren’t at cap / If you want to access the Missions: talk to the “Recruiter” Dwarf near the Stable-master in Thorin’s Hall, Galtrev, 21st Hall, Erebor, etc. You’ll be teleported to the War-Room in Annak-kurfu – you’ll find Durin, Glóin & Ausma straight ahead.


If you’re VIP: talk to Wenda (the VIP Services gal) and she’ll have a new quest that awards a House Decoration – War Table – that you can place in your home and use as a teleport item to the War-room in Annak-kurfu.

*Note: this quest can be picked up by any & all your toons lvl 20+ while you remain VIP and the item is usable by subscribers only.

New Items (lvl 130)

  • Two New Factions
    • The March on Gundabad (Regional Quests)
    • The Gabil’akka (Missions)
    • Both have their currencies cap at 500 (per toon, not account).
  • Task Items: Blackened Claws, Onyx Scales, Savage Beaks, Tufted Ears.
  • New LI Relics for the Crafted Slot!
    • These are available for barter at your Crafting Guild Leader NPC (in any hub) in exchange for 5 Elderslade Supply Packs. These are “Bound to Account”, they’ll go to your Premium Wallet.
    • These Supply Packs are crafted & each requires 1 Ithilharn Shard – the recipe to make them can be found at the Quartermaster (March on Gundabad Faction) in the War-room – you’ll need Acquaintance status, 10 CCG & recipes are “bound to account on acquire”.
    • To be able to actually barter the Packs for the relics you’ll need max. reputation status with your Crafting Guild.
  • New Striking/ Enchantment/ Binding Runes
    • Purples for Barter: 55 Copper Coins of Gundabad
    • Higher tiers (teals & gold): 6-Man and/or Raid drops.
      • Since release, new Barter NPCs have been added (Brillant Elderslade require T2 Shakalush completion + 7,5k Embers while Threshold ones require T2 raid completion + 8,5k Embers)
  • Two New Essences Tiers:
    • T5 – available crafted (4 Solvents or 5 Malleables each) or for Embers (5,5k each).
    • T6 – available as Instances /Raid drops or barterers (7,5k each or 6k each if you have a t1 raid completion).
    • Trigger essences barter unlocks with T4/T5 6-man or raid completion and cost 9,5k Embers.
  • New Virtue Cap: 72 (from 68) which means you’ll need 8,8k per Virtue to bring them back to cap again.
  • New 3-Piece Gold Jewellery Set – Neck, Rings, Pocket
    • Neck & Rings drop in the Bloody Threshold raid T3+ and also can be bartered for outside of Annak-khurfu if you have a T3 completion. They’re bound to account.
    • Pocket can be bartered for 15 Elderslade Supply Packs (+ Kindred Rep standing with the March of Gundabad)
  • New Shields for barter (cost: 65 Copper Coins of Gundabad)
  • New Missions: No Spoilers!

Just one tip: If you’re lvl cap, once you complete the goal a chest will spawn for you to loot and an NPC to port you out. But the chest sometimes spawns at the beginning and this requires you retracing your steps. Warning – you’ll be kicked out after a while whether you find the chest or not.

Each Mission now grants 5 Motes of Enchantment and 2 Gabil’akka Marks.

Weeklies & Dailies Wrapper Quests

Location: War-Room (next to Durin)

Pre-req: Complete the whole quest-chain “A Call to War”


  • Weekly The March on Gundabad: A Great Leap – 30 CCG
    • Complete the Daily “Additional Steps” 4 times (see below)
  • Daily The March on Gundabad: Pushing Forward the War Effort – 2 GA Marks
    • Involves completing the Daily “Assisting the War Effort”
  • Daily The War Effort: Threats to the Battlefield – 30 CCG
    • Involves killing the “Warband” targets in the Battlegrounds map.


  • Daily The March on Gundabad: Assisting the War Effort – 3 CCG
    • Complete 3 Missions
  • Daily Shakalush (complete the 6-man instance) – 3 CCG
  • Daily The March on Gundabad: Additional Steps
    • Involves the following quests


  • Daily The War Effort: Missions for the Cause – 9 CCG + 42 Motes
    • Complete 3 Missions
  • WeeklyThe War Effort: Missions for the Cause – 30 Gabil’akka Marks + 400 Motes + 3 Scrolls of Empowerment (t74) OR 1 Star-lit Crystal (t58)
    • Complete the above daily 4 times

Embers Weekly (autobestowed)

  • Complete 15 missions – 500 Embers

Reputation with the Gabil’akka (Missions)

1 being the lowest tier & 5 being the Kindred equivalent

Entrance Discovery Deeds

Shakalush, the Stair Battle (6-man) is found in the Elderslade map (loc: 39.6N, 66.4W) while the entrance to the raid, Amdan Dammul, the Bloody Threshold, is on the second layer of the map known as Battlegrounds or War of the Three Peaks in an area intended for Fellowships (loc: 95.2S, 21.6W – Azgh-buzru, the War-fell).

Swift Travel via Stable-master is auto-unlocked but the Banner of the Gabil’akka appears once you receive the quest “A Call to War“.

Credits to LOTRO Player Arkanur!

Complete Guide to the New Deeds by Arkanur: LINK

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