LS – Helm’s Deep Guides 2020

Link to the full updated Helm’s Deep Guide 2020 in PDF: [HERE]. Link to Helm’s Deep Epic Battles Guide: [HERE].

You can find a very short summary of the expansion guide’s content below.

Key Notes

Quickest obtainable lvl 95 gear:

  • Guild Crafted sets (requires Westemnet status) or you can use lootboxes and scaling loot.
    • You’ll need approx. 200 Ingredient Packs (including off-hands/shields/class slots).
  • Most players won’t be replacing their lvl 85 raid sets.
    • There are no traditional raids so there are no lvl 95 raid sets, but you won’t need to be geared-up for Epic Battles anyways.
    • At most, I’d suggest earning a good amount of Promotion Points before jumping on the raid version of Deeping Wall so you can be more useful during the battle.
  • Epic Battles Jewellery sets have class bonuses; obtainable with Stars of Merit, Marks and Medallions or as rewards from the Epic Battles (these scale to your level so it’s better if you’re lvl cap).
    • Veteran Quartermaster: sets are Incomparable quality – item lvl 176 – cost per piece: 2,024 Marks, 581 Medallions there’s no Beorning set here (check the vendors below).
    • Merit Committee (Standard Honours): sets are Incomparable quality – item lvl 177 – cost per piece: 275 Stars of Merit.
    • Merit Committee (High Honours): sets are Epic quality – item lvl 177 – cost per piece: 700 Stars of Merit.

New Factions

  • Eorlingas: mainly in Kingstead, Eastfold & Broadacres.
  • Helmingas: mainly in Stonedeans & Westfold.
  • Ents of Fangorn Forest: Flooded Isengard & Derndingle – needed for Resource Instances and Epic-quality gear recipes (Kindred status required).
    • To level this efficiently Reputation Accelerators Tomes are a must. Otherwise, quests alone will barely get you to Acquaintance and then you’ll rely only on repeatables.
      • Fangorn RIs (3): each grants you 1,300 rep.
      • “Seeds” quest-arcs (3): 1,200 each.
      • “Quieting” quests (6): 300 each – but you can only do 5 a day.
To go from Neutral to Ally you’ll need 28 Small Acceleration Rep Tomes (7k marks; 700 meds). To go from Neutral to Kindred you’ll need 43 tomes (10,750 marks; 1,075 meds)[1].

If you’re interested on a timeline to manage your reputation progress, download the guide ↑

Legendary Items Relics

  • T10 LI Relics cost 768 shards to meld.
  • Westemnet Relics (lvl 90) cost 11,232 shards to meld (+3 T10s).
  • Westemnet Mounted Relics (lvl 90) cost 11,232 shards to meld (+3 T10s).
  • You will also be able to craft (via guild) class-specific and crafted slot Bridle relics.

Task Boards (TBs)

  • Westemnet factions: in every town + Homesteads.
  • Derndingle (Fangorn): none, only dailies.

Total Trait Points to gain in this Expansion: 7 (5 in West Rohan + 2 from Promotion Points)

Editor’s Note: The guide does not include gear that you obtain via Lootboxes or Motes of Enchantment. I’ll keep updating in the event SSG makes gear or reputation adjustments after release.

[1] Add at least 10 tomes if you didn’t use them from the very beginning and have only the dailies to work with.

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